Dining at Del’Aziz Clapham Common

On the Easter weekend, Dave and I went for brunch at Del’Aziz in Clapham Common. We didn’t go away for Easter and Dave had to work for most of the weekend, so we weren’t particularly in the holiday spirit. But as we walked into Del’Aziz, the sun was shining in through the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows and with the North African decor it almost felt as though we were back in Morocco.

Del'Aziz Clapham Common - Double-Barrelled Travel

You can see the Eastern influence in the Del’Aziz logo

I love Del’Aziz for its interior design. It’s very Middle Eastern / North African inspired, with bright coloured ornaments, Aladdin-style lamps gleaming on the shelves and wooden furniture dotted around the place.

Del'Aziz Clapham Common - Double-Barrelled Travel

I love the low key interior design at Del’Aziz in Clapham Common

Dave and I ordered coffee – him the large and me the medium. I’m glad I ordered the size I did because when Dave’s arrived it was more a flask of coffee than a mug – the cup was gigantic! I would’ve never been able to polish it off.

Del'Aziz Clapham Common - Double-Barrelled Travel

Dave’s gigantic mug of coffee

Unfortunately, although the restaurant’s food is meant to be inspired by Morocco, the breakfast menu is more English than African. I mean, you can order an egg and bacon bap! I loved the breakfast when we were in Morocco, simple as it was, but Del’Aziz seems to have given in to English breakfast desires and are serving one step up from a fry up.

I ordered the eggs royale which came with two poached eggs, Moroccan muffins and homemade salmon with gravadlax and hollandaise. The cured method of gravadlax was a nice touch to make the salmon a bit different from ordinary fish, but alas, when it arrived the salmon wasn’t all that fresh and I had to pick off some brown bits and push them aside.

Del'Aziz Clapham Common - Double-Barrelled Travel

I wasn’t sure whether they smothered my breakfast in Hollandaise sauce to hide the fact that the salmon wasn’t too fresh…

Dave fared better with his dish. He ordered scrambled eggs on Moroccan muffins. The Moroccan muffins were tasty – kind of like a thick, fluffy pancake and Dave drizzled honey over his and the muffins soaked it up like a crumpet.

We washed our breakfasts down with some freshly squeezed juices – I had apple, carrot and beetroot juice, while Dave opted for a smoothie of strawberry, yoghurt, apple and banana. This was my favourite part of the whole meal. The juices are very fresh and obviously made to order, so it made a nice change from my not-so-fresh salmon.

The total bill came to just over £35, which I certainly wouldn’t call a cheap breakfast. Perhaps it mightbe better to grab a pastry and take that home to eat if you’re looking for a cheaper breakfast option. The pastries in the window did look particularly yummy.

Del'Aziz Clapham Common - Double-Barrelled Travel

The pastries in the window at Del’Aziz Clapham Common looked delicious

You can also shop in a little store they have in the middle of the restaurant and buy goods that seem a bit more Italian-inspired than Moroccan. When we went, it was decorated for Easter and looked lovely.

Del'Aziz Clapham Common - Double-Barrelled Travel

The store at Del’Aziz was decorated for Easter. You could find many sweet treats there to purchase

But it was sunny, it was the long weekend and I was feeling more cheery than when I woke up. And if it wasn’t for the busy London streets buzzing around the building, I almost felt I was back in Morocco on holiday. And that made it worth it.

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