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tap into your artistic side while travelling

How to tap into your creative side while travelling

There’s no doubt that travelling can be a great way to explore new cultures and learn new things, but it can also be a fantastic opportunity to tap into your artistic side. Exploring new places provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with new mediums and techniques and to tap into your creative side while travelling.  […]

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The Gascoyne River comes to life

Lonely Planet called for submissions of travel writing to its annual anthology and Carmen and I had a go at putting together long articles for entry. Unfortunately, we weren’t selected – but it’d be a shame to waste all that work, so here’s my entry, about the Gascoyne River and the WA wilderness. (Carmen’s will […]

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Margaret River's beaches

Travel sketch: Margaret River beaches

Margaret River beaches are some of Australia’s best and a recent trip down south where we sampled a few of them got me thinking about shampoo. Hear me out. Expensive holiday shampoo A few years back a very beautiful hairdresser managed to convince me to buy some expensive shampoo from her store with mint leaves […]

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