About us

About Double-Barrelled Travel

We’re a married couple but that doesn’t mean we’re old or boring! We first set out travelling together nearly four years ago and haven’t looked back since.

We’re two Aussies who moved to London together at the end of 2008, beginning an adventure with little expectations.

Just as well because we landed at Heathrow bang in the middle of the recession and struggled financially to find jobs to fund our travelling addiction. After Carmen worked as a shoe shiner, in a greasy spoon (or a diner as Americans would call it); and Dave made pestering calls from a call centre and was employed as an assistant teacher, we finally found jobs we enjoyed.

Dave was a BBC producer and Carmen worked as a communications executive… but at the end of the day it was travelling that lit our (camp)fire. And after nearly five years in London, we were getting itchy feet to see more of the world.

In Brindisi, Italy

In Brindisi, Italy

So we packed up our bags and said ‘ta-ta’ to London, flying across the pond for an epic road trip of a lifetime. We’ve been travelling continuously since May 2013, living a nomadic lifestyle and earning a living as digital nomads through our creative content company Red Platypus.

So far, we’ve driven through North America, house sat in the Caribbean and hiked through South and Central America, and are currently exploring Asia.

Please enjoy our blog, in which we have written about what we love – travel, culture, adventure and fascinating stories.

We hope it inspires.

P.S. In case you’re wondering we named this blog after our surname, which is both our pre-married names combined.