Editorial Policy

Double-Barrelled Travel is a blog written and produced by David and Carmen Allan-Petale. Both of the blog’s creators are qualified journalists with a high level of editorial and professional experience. Their work is governed by a key set of editorial policies and attitudes which are outlined in this document.


Trust – Double-Barrelled Travel strives to ensure that all of its content, including guest posts, is not misleading to its audience. We believe honesty is crucial in gaining and keeping our audience’s trust and we will not compromise this. If you would like to submit a guest post, please read these guidelines.

Accuracy – Double-Barrelled Travel seeks to get to the heart of the places it covers. We undertake thorough research and exercise caution before publishing any material. If any factual mistakes are made we will seek to rectify them.

Fair opinion – We aim to make our content entertaining, accurate and informative. An essential part of this process is having and sharing our opinions. However our opinions will be based on actual events, whether negative or positive.

Integrity – Double-Barrelled Travel is a for-profit venture but commercial considerations will not affect our core values. If we don’t support a product or service 100% we will not feature it on our blog.

Do no harm – We aim to present the world as we see it but will not hesitate to edit our material where necessary to reduce offence or lessen the exposure of the vulnerable.

Copyright – All the images and content on our website are owned by us, unless otherwise stated. We will not use another party’s content without their consent, unless it is copyright free.

Accountability – Double-Barrelled Travel will always be contactable and complaints, if any, will be dealt with swiftly and in accordance to our values.