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Chinguetti in northern Mauritania with local girl Fatimatu Double-Barrelled Travel

Exploring the unseen Africa

Africa is a continent close to my heart. Although I’ve never lived there, both of my parents were born and raised in Zimbabwe and my ancestors are from Africa. Some of them were even part of the first white settlers on the continent. Growing up, my parents told me lots about living in Zimbabwe. The climate, […]

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Breakfast in Marrakech

‘What on earth is that?’ I sat up, rubbed my eyes and remembered I was in Marrakech. A long, echoing note that rose and fell like an air raid klaxon had pulled me up from the deepest dreams and my heart pounded in terror. ‘Aloooooooooooooooo…..’ It was the Adhan, the Muslim call to prayer blasting out of […]

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