Why solo travel is a great idea

Getting away from it all… what does that mean to you? Does it mean taking some time off work? Perhaps going away with friends and family? Or does it mean really getting away from it all, including everyone and everything? 

It might sound scary, but there are actually a number of great reasons why solo travel is a fantastic thing to do, and why, if you get the chance, you should try it at least once (and once you do, you’ll probably want to do it again). To help you understand this idea more, here are some of the best reasons why solo travel is a great idea. 

Be independent

In the simplest terms, when you’re travelling on your own, you have to be independent – there’s no choice in the matter. You’ll have to step entirely out of your comfort zone and make your own choices, relying on your own knowledge, research, and instincts to help you. Of course, there will be people around you who you can ask for help if you need it, but in the main, you’ll need to work everything out for yourself. 

Being independent in this way will help you when you get back home too. You’ll have people to help you then too, but wouldn’t it be great to know you could do things for yourself and not have to ask for assistance unless you really needed it? You would become more confident, happier, and more resilient, and feel more relaxed about getting outside of your comfort zone.

Do it your way

Another great reason for travelling solo is that you’ll be able to make all your decisions based on what you want, rather than what other people want. It’s good to learn the art of compromise, and it’s nice to allow other people to have their say, but when that’s what you do all the time, wouldn’t it make a refreshing change to get your own way and do things how you want to do them?

Whether it’s your accommodation, your budget, your choice of activities, or even where you go to start with, if you’re travelling by yourself, it’s all down to you to decide what’s best and in that way, you can make the trip of your dreams really come true.

Be spontaneous

Have you ever been away with friends and family and seen or heard of something you wanted to do, but because plans were already in place, you couldn’t do it? It’s probably happened, and it generally means you’ll have to miss out on a lot that you wanted to do. 

When you’re on your own, you can be as spontaneous as you want, changing your mind about any aspect of your trip when you need or want to. Perhaps you intended to have a lazy day around the pool, but then you saw there was a fun day trip taking place and you wanted to get a ticket. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and you booked a ticket but changed your mind because you’re tired or just want to stay back at the hotel. You can be completely spontaneous because you don’t have to think of anyone but yourself. 

Have you ever travelled solo before? What is your favourite solo travel memory?



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