Time flies at Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa

2pm to 3:30am.

8.5 hours.

That’s how long we had to enjoy this:Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali garden pol Double-Barrelled Travel

The night before we arrived at Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa, Carmen and I had watched the Oscar winning film The Theory of Everything, which tells the life story of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.

Hawking’s theories on the Big Bang and time made him world famous – and as the credits rolled I too began to think of our time on Bali, which after two and a half months was suddenly coming to an end.

In the film, there’s a scene where everything runs backwards, and I thought back on all of the friends we had made, the good times we had, the amazing experiences we’d taken part in – and I shivered with nostalgia.

Time flies when you are having fun, and all good things come to an end.

Seeing as our afternoon and night in Villa Kubu would be our last in Bali I wanted to savour every moment. So from the moment we arrived I busied myself with the serious business of wringing the most I could from our own slice of paradise, listed on Complete Well Being’s website.

Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali bathtub Double-Barrelled Travel

Carmen relaxes in the outdoor bath tub

Location of Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa

Villa Kubu sits right in the heart and coastal heat of busy, bustling Seminyak – but once you’re inside its gates and pulled into the maze of stony walls, you’re in your own private world.

Villa Kubu is a complex of private villas that can be sealed off to make your own private escape or brought together through adjoining garden gates to make a little community for your friends.

Once inside, the only sounds I could hear was the rustling of the kites flying high up in the afternoon sky. No traffic noise, no hustle and bustle of the Bali streets. Just wind in the trees and kites in the sky and peace.

Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali kite flying Double-Barrelled Travel

A kite flies above our villa

Rooms at Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa

The valet from the front desk shut the gate to our villa and I hung a red flag on the door that means “Do Not Disturb.”

The whole place was ours to enjoy with no prying eyes around. And our choices for relaxation were almost endless:

Each villa has a private pool, a poolside hut for reading and relaxing, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, a lounge room with air conditioning, a bedroom with a mosquito net and an outdoor bathroom with shower, big long double sinks and a bath big enough for two.

Check out our video of the place:

Now, what should we do first…?

 Food at Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa

Carmen wanted to go out and get some food – but I vetoed that idea.

“We’re staying here,” I said, brewed a pot of tea in the kitchen, then hawked through the room service menu to order some late lunch – a bowl of pumpkin soup and some Vietnamese spring rolls.Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali pool Double-Barrelled Travel

Food and drinks at Villa Kubu come in two ways – you can eat in the Oasis Restaurant & Bar or get whatever you want from the menu delivered and served in your villa.

Later in the evening we ordered some more food from the kitchen. I went for a ginger crusted fillet of fish with rice and salad while Carmen went for the big hamburger and fries. Delicious!Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali fish Double-Barrelled Travel Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali burger Double-Barrelled Travel

The food at Villa Kubu is all very fresh and tasty and served in your room. If you stay longer than we did, you can even order up a big barbeque to be delivered.

The menu covers everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner and snacks with full bar service.

What we liked about Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa

 So, with our bellies full we jumped into the pool – no bathers needed, there’s no one around!

 After our swim we sunned ourselves on the sun lounges and read our books. Then I lazed in the poolside hut and did some sketching, trying to capture the colour and the shape of the kites swooping overhead.Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali private pool Double-Barrelled Travel

After that it was time for another cup of tea and a spell on the couches with my book for a few hours with the stereo speaker that comes with the villa hooked up to Carmen’s iPhone playing some of our favourite tunes.

Next, I ran the bath, which was right next to a fish pond scattered with lilies, and could be approached one of two ways – either through the bedroom door or across another pound lined with stone slabs.

Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali pond Double-Barrelled Travel

Carmen stands near the pond


Around sun down we watched the sky above the villa turn burnt gold and purple and the stars came out under a crescent moon.

We then had dinner and ran the bath again while a staff member turned our bedroom down, arranging the mosquito net and spraying some nice smelling inset repellent.

Wrapped up in our kimonos and Balinese sarongs, we relaxed a little bit more before heading into the embrace of the big bed and falling asleep.

If you’re staying longer than we were, there’s a fully-equipped kitchen, with full-sized fridge, oven, stove top, blender, toaster and kettle – everything you need to cook during your stay. That’s if you can manage to drag yourself away from the pool to do it!Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali bedroom Double-Barrelled Travel

 What we didn’t like about Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa

 I didn’t like leaving.

The alarm buzzed at three am, and so began an arduous day of travel that took us from Denpasar in Bali to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, then Manila in the Philippines, then Cebu City on the island of Cebu where we stayed in a very, very cheap apartment.

It was quite a come down from Villa Kubu.

The only drawback I can think of with Villa Kubu is that it’s not super close to the beach – but then again, it’s not designed as a beachside hotel, more a unique private experience where you can do your own thing, and the beach is a short taxi ride away anyway.

Villa Kubu Seminyak Bali loungeroom Double-Barrelled Travel

The lounge room at Villa Kubu

Overall thoughts on Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa

As we drove away into the very early morning, away from Villa Kubu, I had the feeling that we had done absolutely everything we possibly could have done while we were there.

I look back on it as a highlight of our time in Bali, the very last night we had there, and am reminded that it’s not how much time you have, it’s what you do with it.

Have you ever stayed somewhere this luxurious before?

Thank you to Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa for hosting our stay. As always, our opinions are our own.

What you need to know

Cost –There’s a range of prices for low, high and peak season and a choice between one, two and three bedroom villas. In low season, when we went, the cheapest is a one bedroom superior for US$270 a night; the dearest is a three-bed premium for US$555 per night.

How to get there – Villa Kubu is in the centre of Seminyak in Bali at Jl Seminyak Gang Plawa No 33F. Take a taxi from Denpasar airport if you’re flying in, or a local ride will get you there. 

Booking – You can book on the Villa Kubu website here.

Video script:

Imagine yourself lying here and looking over this picturesque garden. Ahhh. Bliss.

This is Villa Kubu in Seminyak, Bali. Come on, let’s give you a quick tour.

The giant sized bed is extremely comfortable. But there’s also the lounge room to relax in. It’s decorated with Balinese art.

For the bathroom, there’s an outdoor shower in the garden. And I’m sure we hardly have to remind you about this beautiful soaking tub.

There’s a fully equipped kitchen with full sized fridge, oven, toaster, blender and kettle. But you can also order room service from Villa Kubu’s on-site restaurant. The food is reasonably priced and tasty.

That’s if you can manage to drag yourself away from this beautiful setting for a moment to eat.

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