Video: Walking the Dubrovnik city walls

The Dubrovnik city walls are by far the most popular attraction in the Croatian town. And it’s easy to see why. Although the steps to reach the top of the Dubrovnik city walls might be steep, once you’re there you have a spectacular view over the town.

Carmen and Dave on Dubrovnik City walls Double-barrelled travel

Dave and I on the Dubrovnik city walls – equipment in hand!

Unfortunately for us, when we visited the weather was grey and miserable. We had to rug up warm in our winter coats to make the most of the trek around the Dubrovnik city walls.

Even so, that didn’t stop me from getting an ice cream at the end of it.

The one benefit about the weather being miserable is that it deterred other tourists from venturing on to the high stony walls, meaning that we could easily film the above video without much interference.

tourists walking along the Dubrovnik city walls Double-barrelled travel

So many tourists on the Dubrovnik city walls – even in bad weather. You should see it when it’s sunny!

We actually visited the Dubrovnik city walls roughly the same time last year (we went at the end of May this year) and the weather was glorious. However, this meant tourists flocked up and down the walls and it made passing one another a little difficult in some areas.

As a nosey person, one of the things I like best about the Dubrovnik city walls is that you can peer down into other people’s gardens and see how the Croatians live. A school even backs onto the walls!

Anyway, if you want a true sense of what a visit to the walls might be like (albeit in stormy weather) watch our short video above.

Dubrovnik alleyway Double-barrelled travel

It’s easy to take in the cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik from the height of the city walls. Although this shot was taken from the ground!

What you need to know when visiting the Dubrovnik city walls:

How to get there: The entrance point for the Dubrovnik city walls is just to the left of the main city gates when you enter the town.

When to go: Even if it’s wet and windy the walls can still be enjoyable, just make sure you wrap up warm and bring a raincoat. If it’s hot, take a bottle of water because it’s about a 2km walk to do the entire walls.

It’s a good idea to walk the walls before you see any other sites, because it’ll allow you to get an orientation of the town and pick out where to go next.

How much: You can buy a one day Dubrovnik city pass which will let you get up the walls and give you access to other museums in the town. This costs 130 Kuna (US$22.30), which is about If you’re staying longer, you can also buy one, three or seven day passes.


Video transcript

Carmen’s voiceover (VO): Croatia’s Dubrovnik is possibly one of the most picturesque towns we’ve ever visited. The best way to take in the view is by walking along the city walls and so we decided to do just that.

Carmen’s piece to camera (PTC): We’ve got our tickets and we’re ready to go up on the walls, so come on, let’s go.

Dave off screen: How was that Carmen?

Carmen PTC: It was great, but did you see where we came from? It was a little bit steep!

Carmen VO: Dubrovnik’s city walls are one of the few in the world that are still intact, meaning you can walk around the entire city in about an hour to take in all the sites – and all its history!

Carmen PTC: In the 16oos, Dubrovnik was a very wealthy city, thanks to the bustling port. But in 1667, tragedy struck and a massive earthquake hit the town. Six thousand people lost their lives and only 2,000 people survived. But today you can’t tell – it’s been rebuilt and it’s absolutely stunning.

Carmen VO: The original purpose of the walls was to protect Dubrovnik from invasion – so you’ll spot canons and sentry towers on your walk. These days the only protection you need is from the hordes of tourists that flock to the walls each day.

Carmen PTC: We’re on the seaside of Dubrovnik’s city walls, and the view is spectacular. The waves are pounding and the sea is quite ferocious today. It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were sunning ourselves on those rocks down there and jumping off them into the ocean. Now look at it!

Carmen VO: But the stormy weather hasn’t stopped this fisherman from getting out there. Look! He’s caught one! And it may be rough seas but this yacht seems to be making the most of it, even if they are bouncing up and down. The view from the walls is nothing short of spectacular and in the bay, where it’s calmer, you can spot the boats floating next to their mooring points.

Carmen PTC: Well after walking along the walls I’m exhausted – let’s go get some ice cream.

Carmen PTC: Yum, almost good as Italian!



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