Video: Enjoying London outdoors in any weather

Carmen recently posted her video entry for My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucketlist. Neither of us won the competition but we did make two videos for our entry which meant it was worth the effort.

Above I share with you a video of London outdoors – whatever the weather. Many people enjoy the view of the Thames River from the London Eye but there are also lots of ways to enjoy the river from being on the river itself. One way is to go on a London RIB Voyages Tour and another is to go on the London Duck Tours.

But boating on the Thames isn’t the only way to enjoy London outdoors. There are also many beautiful parks to explore and in my video I take you to Battersea Park in south London.

London might not always be sunny but whatever the weather, don’t be afraid to venture outdoors.

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Dave is the co-founder of Double-Barrelled Travel and has been nomadic since May 2013. When he's not busily working on a novel, he can be found exploring a war museum, sailing a yacht (unfortunately not his own), or hiking up a mountain.

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