Video: 4 cool waterslides at Kalahari Waterpark, Wisconsin Dells

You’re never to old to ride a water slide.

At least that’s what we told ourselves when we went to Kalahari Resorts Waterslide Park in Wisconsin Dells – a place that calls itself the water slide capital of the world.

Kalahari has a spaghetti junction of water slides both inside and outside – some fast, some relaxed, and one or two that were pretty scary just to look at.

Wisconsin Dells water slides, Double-Barrelled Travel

Kalahari has both and indoor and outdoor water slide park – lots of choice!

We had a great time acting like kids as we tried each and every slide.

4 cool waterslides at Kalahari Waterpark:

1. Wild Wildebeest

You can find this one in the outdoor section of the park and it’s a two person ride. Carmen and I grabbed an inflatable raft and climbed the stairs, up and up until we reached the top and prepared to slide. Our turn came and down we went. A wall of water drenches you as gravity whisks you through a dark pipe, left then right and round and round till you splash down in a pool. We did it three times.

2. Extreme Rush

This is a solo slide and you lay down on a mat to go down. But there are two slides side by side so you can race. My extra bulk gives me an unfair advantage over Carmen so I managed to speed all the way down the twisting tube much faster. But she screamed louder than I did so we’ll call it even, yeah?

Wisconsin Dells water slides, Double-Barrelled Travel

The orange and blue tubes are Extreme Rush – you can race a friend to the bottom

3. Swahili Swirl

Carmen did this one on her own and said it was like being flushed down the loo. You slide down a tube on an inflatable and enter a swirling chamber where you spin round and round and then drop down another chute into a pool. Dizzy!

Wisconsin Dells water slides, Double-Barrelled Travel

Kalahari has an African theme and some cool animal displays

4. Master Blaster

Our favourite. It’s a two person ride in the indoor water park that actually slides you up as well as down by shooting the rubber raft you cling to along a series of rollers. Great fun and left us gasping after screaming so much!

Wisconsin Dells water slides, Double-Barrelled Travel

Who says water slides are for kids? There’s even a bar…

What you need to know:

Cost – General admission for an adult for one day in the water park is $37. It cost us $6 for a locker, plus a $9 deposit for the key.

How to get there – Kalahari is easy to spot from the highway and has loads of free parking. 1305 Kalahari Drive, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 53965. You have to drive as we didn’t see any public transport.

When to go – Summer of course! But the indoor water slides and heated pools mean you can go even when it’s chilly.

Please note: We were guests of Kalahari Waterpark, but as always our views are our own.

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