The USA: The important and the unusual

The United States is home to some interesting, highly popular landmarks, not to mention a few unusual ones of course. Naturally, you can visit America, stay at one of the Washington hotels, and start off your tour there and see some of the local attractions.

Then you can move on to some of these interesting and unusual places:

Castle Clinton, New York

Castle Clinton in Battery Park in the Southern tip of Manhattan was originally a fort built for the war of 1812. It’s named after New York’s former mayor and governor, DeWitt Clinton.

Unusual landmark: Niagara Falls State Park

Including a replica of the famous Canadian falls, Niagara USA is over 400 acres of vegetation, events, and attractions such as Cave of the Winds and the Daredevil Museum. It even has a winery.

Niagara Falls Double-Barrelled TravelWorld War II Valor in the Pacific, Oahu, Hawaii

This memorial consists of survivors’ first-hand accounts of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, which marked the entrance of the USA into the Second World War. Visitors can also visit the remains of the sunken U.S.S. Arizona by boat.

Unusual landmark: Flumin Da Ditch

Wind your way at an extremely leisurely pace in double-hulled kayaks through the ditches of the island’s old plantations.

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

This national monument is unique in that it sits entirely on Navajo Tribal Trust land and still sustains a Navajo community. The ruins of both indigenous Navajo and Anasazi tribes are to be found amongst the distinct rock formations. The taller spire of an 800 foot rock, known as Spider Rock, is believed to be the home of Spider Grandmother. Navajo Legend has it that Spider Grandmother was the creator of the world.

Canyon de Chelly Double-Barrelled Travel

Image by Ken Lund, used under Creative Commons licence.

Unusual landmark: Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park

Relive the days of the Wild West at this 12,000 square foot museum, full of artefacts from the mining days of long ago.

Fort Sumter, South Carolina

On April 12, 1861, the Confederates opened fire on this Federal fort, which marked the beginning of the Civil War. The fort is at the mouth of Charleston Harbour and is only accessible by boat.

Unusual landmark: Southern Plantations

The Charleston area is well known for its lovingly preserved antebellum mansions. Several of these are open for visiting and provide a glimpse into the Old South life.

The Cabrillo National Monument, California

This national monument in San Diego commemorates Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo landing in 1542, the soldier and explorer who discovered California. Visitors can also hike up to and overlook San Diego Bay and visit the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, one of the original eight that existed in the West Coast.

Unusual Landmark: The Redwood Forests

Drive or hike to the old giants at Humboldt Redwoods State Park and be humbled.

Exploring the Redwood Forest Double-Barrelled Travel

There’s no doubt about it. The USA has some great places to visit. Some of them weird, some of them wonderful, and some of them wonderfully weird! To what extent of either — that’s just something you’ll have to check out for yourself!

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