Travel plans for 2016

So we’re off again…

After spending five months at home with family and friends in the land down under, we’ve decided to hit the road and do some more travelling and working and working and travelling.

And not a minute too soon. It’s not that we don’t enjoy being home – we love the sun and the sea and all the good stuff that comes with it. It’s just that the world is so big and there’s so little time to see it all. While we can, we will, and we must, so it’s time to go again.

Our travel plans are a little rougher than usual, but here’s the gist:

Chiang Mai – Thailand

First up, we’ll be flying out to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, a brilliant city close to the mountains that’s become a big magnet for “digital nomads” like us.

Travel plans 2016

With views like this in the Thai mountains, how can we stay away?

We spent a few weeks in the city last year at the tail end of our last bout of travelling and thoroughly enjoyed exploring its historic streets, gleaming modernity and stunning natural wonders.

For four weeks we plan to work our arses off, see as much and eat as much as we can and then high tail it to…


I crave culture shock.

Most of the places we have been to have at least some semblance of familiarity to them, something to grasp onto or at least partially understand at a glance.

Travel plans 2016

We went to this Japanese garden in Portland, Oregon – how will it compare to the real thing?

We have never been to Japan before and we’ll be spending two weeks there – too short a time I know – and I hope the place absolutely freaks me out!

We’ll be travelling from Osaka to Kyoto and then to Tokyo, doing day trips to different places from each city.

It’s a funny thing to say, but this period of time will be a holiday – no work or anything like that. Just pure travel,which is something we haven’t done for quite a long time.  we’re really looking forward to unplugging from all our other orbits and then plugging into a unique experience.

Ubud, Bali

After a mad cap few weeks in Japan, we will be flying back to one of our favourite places on the planet, Ubud. A mate of ours has a house there and he needs someone to look after it… don’t mind if we do!

Travel plans 2016

This stunning temple complex is just down the road…

We’ll be there for at least three months working and living and getting as many things done as possible. Yoga, meditation, writing, painting, client work, blogging, photography, cooking, all the good things and the some more!

And then…

We have no idea. Our only commitments are my mother’s 60th birthday in Australia in August and a friends’ wedding in the UK in December. So for travel plans the second half of our year is totally up in the air.

San Fransisco? Portugal? Mexico? China? Who the heck knows?!

Travel plans 2016


That’s a nice feeling, strangely. We love to make plans – we don’t necessarily stick to them, but we love to make them. So to have a great wide blank hole in our schedules is very new, and very exciting.

We could go anywhere. Do anything – money and time and a few other things permitting. Travel plans can always evolve!

The one constant will be work, and we have a to do list as long as your arm, for this blog, for ourselves, our business and our life together.

There’s only one thing to do – begin – and in a few weeks time a new phase of life begins. On other promotions, if you want to make loan, checkout poor credit personal loans guaranteed for more information.

Do you have any travel plans for 2016? We’d love to hear about them – sharing is inspirational!

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About the author

Dave is the co-founder of Double-Barrelled Travel and has been nomadic since May 2013. When he's not busily working on a novel, he can be found exploring a war museum, sailing a yacht (unfortunately not his own), or hiking up a mountain.

5 comments on “Travel plans for 2016”

  1. Amy Wittber Reply

    We’re in Japan at the moment – you’ll love it. I can’t say you’ll really experience ‘culture shock’ here – you’ve spent a lot of time in Asian cities and it’s all very similar. The biggest difference is just that it’s all very clean and orderly and efficient – and quiet – but not shocking. Beautiful and busy though! We’re loving how easy it is to get around especially after three months in India & Sri Lanka. Make sure you get to Hiroshima. Easily doable from Osaka as a day trip, an absolute must do.

  2. Lenny Reply

    I’ve just got back from my first trip to Japan and I loved it. Looks like you’re following a very similar itinerary to me as well. Highlights for me were Arashiyama and the Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, and a day trip to Nara (easy from either Kyoto or Osaka).

    • Carmen Allan-Petale Reply

      We’re so excited! Were planning to certainly check out those places you mentioned except Arashiyama – will look that up now! 🙂
      Happy travels,

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