Travel budget

Choose a month we’ve been on the road to see how much our travel budget was in each country

June 2013 – USA and Canada (US$3,000 budget)

How much we’ve spent travelling through the USA and Canada so far

July 2013 – USA (US$3,000 budget)

Our travel spending in July

August 2013 – USA (US$3,000 budget)

Travel budget time: Our spending in August

September 2013 – USA (US$3,000 budget)

Travel budget time: Spending in September

October 2013 – USA (US$3,000 budget)

$1,000 under our travel budget in October – WTF?

November 2013 – USA and Dominica  (US$2,000 – US$3,000 budget)

Budget blues… overspending in November

December 2013 – Dominica (US$2,000 budget)

Over our budget in December… Island life in Dominica is more expensive than we thought

January 2014 – Dominica, Guadeloupe and Bolivia (US$2,000 budget)

Over travel budget in January – because we were having too much fun

February 2014 – Bolivia (US$2,000 budget)

Only $10 over our budget in February – we can live with that!

March 2014 – Peru (US$3,000 budget)

The cost of travelling in Peru… an expensive March!

April 2014 – Ecuador (US$4,000 budget)

Our most expensive month of travel yet

May 2014 – Ecuador (US$2,500 budget)

The cost of living in Ecuador

June 2014 – Ecuador (US$2,500 budget)

Travelling costs us half as much as our 9-5 lifestyle did
July 2014 – Ecuador (US$3,000 budget)

The amount we spend is all relative, depending on the way you want to live your life

August 2014 – Colombia and Cuba (US$4,000 budget)

How much does it cost to travel through Colombia and Cuba?

September 2014 – Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico (US$3,000 budget)

Why I’m sick of people telling me I’m lucky

October 2014 – Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico (US$3,000 budget)

Thinking in dollars… or pesos… or pounds. Urgh!