Tips for travelling internationally with kids

Travelling with children can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little preparation and organisation, you can navigate the intimidating waters of international travel with your little ones. This blog post will provide some tips for making your journey as smooth as possible.

Keep reading for advice on everything from what to pack to how to handle jet lag.

1) Research your destination

Researching your destination is essential for any trip, but even more so when you are travelling with children. Be sure to look into the local customs and laws, as well as any special considerations for families travelling with young children. Additionally, it’s important to research the climate of the place you’re visiting in order to pack appropriately for your family.

2) Create an itinerary

Having a plan in place before you leave can be helpful for reducing stress and ensuring that everyone enjoys their time away from home. Make a list of all the places you want to visit and prioritise them based on distance and duration of stay. Also, make sure to factor in rest days so no one gets too tired out!

3) Pack light

It’s easy to overpack when travelling with kids, but try to only pack what is necessary. Choose lightweight clothing that can be easily layered and rolled up in your suitcase or travel bag. Bring items like a favourite blanket or toy that will make the journey comfortable for your little ones.

4) Familiarise yourself with airport procedures

Navigating an unfamiliar airport can be daunting, so it pays to research in advance the procedures and policies of the airports you will be visiting. Make sure to familiarise yourself with security protocols and other regulations that may affect families travelling with young children. Additionally, look into airlines’ family-related policies, such as whether they offer discounts for minors or provide any amenities for kids.

5) Manage jet lag

Long-distance travel can be exhausting, especially when travelling with young children. To help manage the effects of jet lag — such as fatigue and difficulty sleeping — try to avoid caffeine, schedule your flight at an appropriate time, and make sure to take plenty of rest breaks throughout your travels. Additionally, creating a routine around meals and bedtimes will help you and your family stick to a healthy sleep schedule while on holiday.

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6) Visit a doctor prior to your trip

Visiting doctors before travelling is important for ensuring you and your family are healthy during the journey. Make sure to bring any necessary medications, vaccinations, or pertinent medical records with you on the flight. And don’t forget to purchase a travel insurance plan in case any unexpected health issues arise.

By following these tips, you’ll be ready for an enjoyable international adventure with your family. With careful planning and preparation, you can ensure that everyone has a safe and fun time while travelling abroad. Bon voyage!




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