Having a fantastic time in Malaga in Spain

We haven’t been to Malaga, but it’s a place that’s certainly on our list! Who can resist the beautiful beaches and sunshine? This post gives you some travel tips to make the most of your time there.

Don’t overlook a trip to Malaga in Spain

Malaga doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. The main airport for holiday makers travelling on to the Costa Del Sol, it is in danger of being dismissed as a thoroughfare, as opposed to a destination in its own right.

But overlooking Malaga as a base for your holiday is doing this vibrant Spanish city a great disservice. Here’s our guide to having a fantastic time in Malaga.

Malaga beach Double-Barrelled Travel Hernán Piñera Flickr

A beach in Malaga
Flickr by Hernán Piñera

When to go

Malaga does get extremely busy in high season (the summer months of June, July and August especially), so if you are able to avoid these times you will find flights to Malaga and accommodation are much cheaper.

quick internet search will bring up lots of recommendations for places to stay, from hotels, to self-catered apartments, but it is always advisable to look at reviews of places before you book. If in doubt, check with the Spanish tourist authorities.

The weather in Malaga is amongst the best in Europe, with an average of 300 days of sunshine every year. In the summer months temperatures can soar up to 30°C plus, but in the winter it rarely drops below 9°C.

If you are visiting in the summer, do remember to take plenty of sunscreen, hats and clothing to cover your arms, legs and face when the sun gets too hot. In addition, it is always useful to pack a city guide to acquaint yourself with some of the must-see sights.

Malaga cathedral Double-Barrelled Travel Arrano Flickr

Beautiful Malaga
Flickr by Arrano

What to do when you’re there

Most accommodation types will have access to a private or shared pool, and you could do worse than spend some time simply relaxing in the sunshine with frequent dips in the water. The beaches in Malaga are also well worth a visit, varying from those packed with tourists to quieter spots frequented by locals.

You would kick yourself, however, if you didn’t spend at least a few days taking in some of Malaga’s fascinating cultural sights.

Take a peek inside Malaga’s renaissance cathedral, La Manquita, at the array of sculpted figures and wander around the beautiful Conception Botanical Garden.

Malaga botanical gardens Nick Kenrick Double-Barrelled Travel Flickr

Botanical gardens
Flickr by Nick Kenrick

Art-lovers will be familiar with Malaga’s relevance as the birthplace of Picasso. You can view many of his works in the Picasso Museum at Calle San Agustín. Picasso works can also be found at the brand new Pompidou Centre, alongside pieces by Rene Magritte and Freda Kahlo.

After a day’s sightseeing, rest your legs and enjoy a spot of tapas in one of Malaga’s many bars and restaurants. The specialty in Malaga is fresh seafood, and there is no better spot than the beachfront for the legendary grilled sardines.

Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by this unassuming Spanish city, it may well become your favourite.

Have you been to Malaga, Spain? What did you think?



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