Thermal springs in Spain

The thermal springs in Spain cannot be compared to the country’s beach resorts, dispersed over the coastline south to Barcelona and its fabulous sights of Balearic and the Canary Islands. Nonetheless, the thermal springs do exist and have a large share of the visitors to Spain each year.

There are more than 120 thermal springs in Spain, often attached to hotels, spa centres and sanatoriums. And, according to specialists, their waters possess truly curing therapeutic properties.

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Orense in Galicia is famous for its spa resorts out in the open. Many are in private ownership, but they are opened to the public; all of them are situated in the Basin of Miño River. Especially, thermal springs of Orense are noted for curing rheumatism effects, and those willing to treat it mostly head to Termas Chavasqueira Ourense, Miño de Vega and Loas Posas de Utaris resorts. Citizens of Orense often point out that their city has three things – the Santo Christo Cathedral, Ponte Vella (Roman Bridge) and thermal springs. This city is indeed a major destination for spa enthusiasts.

Fuentes de Algar in Alicante

On the very south of Spain, in Andalusia, it is also possible to enjoy thermal springs amongst charming waterfalls. This area is known as Fuentes de Algar in Alicante. A travel route approximately one kilometre long crosses marvellous terrain panoramas. You can bathe in the creeks with crystal water and enjoy all the joys of recreation. The waterfalls of Algar are only 30 minutes away from charming Guadalest and its old fort Josep de La Ortunha. And in neighbouring Torrevieja and San Pedro del Pinotar it is impossible not to hang out around salt pools and spend a couple hours in therapeutic muds.

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Paraje de los Chorreras

One of the purest thermal springs in Europe is in Spain. To be more specific, it is Paraje de los Chorreras on Cabriel River. To get there travellers usually pass by an abandoned water power plant and immerse themselves into a splendid waterfall zone. If seeking wellness and spa vacation in calm and remote place, Paraje de los Chorreras is an ideal option.

Arenas de San Pedro

Thermal springs might be also a choice to consider for a family vacation. The best for this is Arenas de San Pedro in the corridor of Arenal River. There are two major pools – one for adults and the other for kids, with crystal clear water. Visitors often recall the fact they could see trout swimming around as they bathed.

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Fuente de los Chorros

Nearby Canaletes River in Tarrajora there is La Fontcalda pool with healing mineral water. This spring is known as the Fuente de los Chorros, and you can reach it by a forest road 12km long. Its waters contain the magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, sodium chloride and calcium carbonate.

Punta Pedrera

There are also a couple of wonderful thermal springs on the Spanish islands. Notable for regular parties and buzzing night life, Ibiza welcomes spa fans to Punta Pedrera. Its neighbourhood is ideal for cycling, and locals go to the baths mostly in the morning, as swimming in the waters of Punta Pedrera is an incomparable pleasure.



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