Some of the best social media analysis tools

Google Analytics is the king of website analytics but what about analysing your social media platforms? What social media analysis tools should you use for that?

We use a number of analytical tools in our day-to-day business and making sure you’re keeping abreast of these figures will ensure you use your social media to its best potential.

To help you out we’ve created a list of the top two social media analysis tools we use for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.



Likealyzer is handy for seeing what you could be doing to have a more interactive Facebook fan page. For example, it’ll take a look at the interactions you have already and give you feedback on when is the best time is to post, what content is getting the most interaction and whether the length of your posts is right.

Likealyzer Red Platypus

The tool will let you know if you’re leaving off important information from your page, like your milestones, so you know how to improve your profile.

It’ll also suggest links to read to further improve your page.


Komfo is a free tool that lets you know what posts on your Facebook page have gone ‘viral’ and which ones have been ‘engaging’. This is great because it allows you to mimic similar successes in future posts.

One thing we love about the tool is that it also tells you whether any of your fans have clicked on ‘hide posts’ and therefore marking your page as spam. Thankfully we haven’t got any of those but if you’re getting higher than 5% of people marking you as spam then you’ll need to seriously re-consider your Facebook marketing strategy.

Komfo also informs you what your click through rate is. Unfortunately, Facebook only shows your posts to about 15% – 20% of your fans, meaning your click through rate isn’t going to be that high.


Tweet Adder

The only paid tool we’d consider using for any of our social media platforms is the Tweet Adder tool. You pay a one-off fee of $55 and it will help you out for life.

What it does is follow people who are related to you and your industry. And then if they don’t follow you back it will unfollow them. Although it seems a little harsh, this is one of the best ways to grow your followers quickly and efficiently.

Having Tweet Adder only target followers that are related to what you do which ensures they are quality followers and will therefore be engaged with your tweets.

Although not strictly an analytical tool, this will help you to get results in driving traffic to your site – and you’ll see this reflected in your Google Analytics.


This is a great tool that can be used to analyse both your own Twitter account and that of your competitors. It’ll tell you, in a lot of detail, which of your tweets have been the most successful and who interacts with you the most.

Twitonomy Red Platypus

With Twitonomy you can see list details to take a look at what lists your competitors follow or are featured on, as well as take a look at how often they tweet and what time of day they are the most active on Twitter.



It was only recently that we began to analyse our Instagram statistics on our travel blog but InconoSquare is proving very useful.

What we like about it the most is that it tells you when your followers are active on Instagram. For example, we were apparently posting most of our content between 6pm – 8pm GMT but apparently our users are most active between midnight and 3am.

So we are now changing our Instagram strategy to suit this and we should see increased likes on our photos shortly.

Iconosquare Red Platypus

Simply Measured

Simply Measured has a whole heap of free social media analytical tools but we really like the one for Instagram.

Not only does this tool show you how much engagement you’re getting on Instagram, but it also shows you how successful your Instagram posts are on your other social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter.

Like IncoSquare, it’ll also tell you what times and days are best for high engagement.


The first step when setting up your Pinterest account is to make sure it’s a business account. Why? Because only a business account will give you analytics reports. If you set up your Pinterest account as a personal one and want to move it across to a business account, read this helpful guide from Hubspot.


Tailwind helps you to discover more pins and trends on Pinterest that you’re interested in. But it doesn’t this isn’t its only function – it also let’s you analyse what’s being said about your brand on Pinterest.

Along with researching your brand, you can also check out your competitors through Tailwind by saving certain topics and seeing how they interact with them. You can also upgrade to a paid plan which enables to you to track more keywords and domains. But we use the free plan and it suits our needs.

Tailwind Red Platypus


Want to know which of your Pins are popular? Then sign up for PinAlerts and you’ll receive a notification each time someone Pins content from your company’s website.

For us, we’ve used this tool to make sure our most popular content from our travel blog is up on our Pinterest page. Because if certain posts are popular all over other people’s Pinterest page then we sure better make these Pins present on our own boards.

What are your favourite social media analytical tools? Please share them with us below!

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