Ready, aim, fire! Shooting guns in America

They say that “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” So when we stayed with a friend in California who serves in the US Air Force, that meant firing a gun.

Our style of travel is all about doing what the locals do after all.

As an Australian I have a mixed relationship with guns. I know a lot about them and have fired a few in my time. But I love that my home country has a very, very low level of gun violence and in fact bans most people from having them, save for hunters, farmers, sporting shooters, collectors, the police and the army.

Let me say from the beginning I think that’s the right way, but lots of Americans would disagree.

Carmen at the shooting range in Vacaville California Double-Barrelled Travel

Carmen ready to shoot!

American gun opinions

We met a very pro-gun American in Traverse City, Michigan who was shocked by the gun laws downunder and asked how we defended our families from criminals invading our homes. I just said my Dad keeps a hockey stick next to the front door and that was enough till the cops arrived.

What I should have said was the statistical improbability of that ever happening was comfort enough, and that fists, harsh language and a locked door are more than enough for most Aussies to defend themselves with. Plus our beagle is particularly vicious.

Oh, and the intruder is unlikely to have a gun because they’re hard to get hold of.

Dave at the shooting range in Vacaville California Double-Barrelled Travel

I might not approve of American gun laws but I was still willing to try out the shooting range

Shooting guns in America

But in America, the second amendment means instead of hockey sticks they can have weapons that I have only ever seen Arnie brandishing.

The world is often shocked by the astonishingly high level of gun deaths in America, a large amount of them suicide, but it seems having a gun is as American as apple pie and for many the right to bear arms is as celebrated as the flag.

So it was with some trepidation we agreed to go to a shooting range in Vacaville, California to see what it was all about. Carmen had never before pulled the trigger of a gun and she was as nervous as I have ever seen her.

I just wanted to shoot an M-16.

Inside the shooting range

When we walked into the shooting range store my jaw dropped.

It was a bloody armoury!

We could have taken over the city with the firepower hanging on the walls; though the armed citizenry would probably have repelled us eventually.

We nervously chose a pistol and a rifle from the arsenal – a .22 calibre Glock handgun and a .22 calibre M-16 pattern rifle – ‘baby guns’ we were told by the clerk. She then showed us how to load, aim and shoot each of the firearms. (They insist on calling them firearms, not weapons. Even semantics are a battleground when gun control is discussed.)

Then it was game time.

About to shoot guns  at the shooting range in Vacaville California Double-Barrelled Travel

With friends Liam and Aelisa – excited to go shooting!

 Shooting the guns

Our friend Aelisa led the way into the shooting range with her husband Liam. I know both of them from summer camp and it was great to be reunited with them.

Carmen was pretty jumpy, but then again so was I.

The booming reports from the guns being blasted on the range was deafening, even with our big Mickey Mouse ear protectors on. My heart was racing as we found our booths and starting loading the magazine with live bullets.

CHICK-CHACK! I pulled back the slide of the pistol, loaded a round into the chamber and aimed the sights at the head of the zombie Bin-Laden target I had chosen. When in Rome…




10 rounds went down range and when I slapped the target retrieval button my zombie Bin-Laden was full of holes. Nice job. Now it was Carmen’s turn.

Bin Laden shooting target Double-Barrelled Travel

This was the target I chose – Zombie Osama bin Laden!

Carmen’s amazing gun skills

She picked up the pistol and gripped it like it was on fire.

Aelisa told her to relax and just aim it down range and squeeze the trigger. Nice and easy. She lifted the weapon, sorry firearm, up and aimed at her target.

‘I can’t do it!’ she said, and lowered the pistol. She tried to shoot it two more times but shied away. Then she aimed a final time and pulled the trigger.



Right in the centre mass.

Her next shot bulls eyed the red circle drawn on the target’s groin area.

Gulp! I married a warrior woman!

With the shooting floodgates now very open Carmen and I burned through two boxes of 50 rounds in around half an hour. We all took turns shooting the pistol and the rifle and had a great time.

When we came out of the shooting range we were buzzing.

It’s a real stress reliever and the intricacies of shooting accurately are very challenging. I can definitely see the attraction.

But I will never have one in my house or seek to own one.

Carmen was a natural with the gun!

Carmen was a natural with the gun!

Shocking statistics about shooting guns in America

I can see both sides of the argument over guns in America – on the one hand people want to stop the deaths and on the other people’s personal rights and freedoms are – apparently – at stake.

The solution is beyond me, but as a visitor to the USA it’s fascinating to experience the many different viewpoints and experience the gun culture first hand.

What shocked me most though was that the minimum age to shoot a gun at the gun range is 10.

Ten years old! This seems crazy.

You can shoot a gun before you are legal enough to drive a car. You have to wait 11 more years to drink in the US. Seems like they have their priorities a little screwed up.

I will fight any attempt to increase gun ownership in Australia – armed with a hockey stick of course – and with laws backed up by an effective police force and a majority of the citizenry who do not feel they need guns to defend themselves above and beyond the service of the armed forces.

What do you think of American gun laws? Have you ever shot a gun?

Carmen is mean with that gun Double-Barrelled Travel

Carmen hit the target on the first shot

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Dave is the co-founder of Double-Barrelled Travel and has been nomadic since May 2013. When he's not busily working on a novel, he can be found exploring a war museum, sailing a yacht (unfortunately not his own), or hiking up a mountain.

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  2. Christina Reply

    Your comments about your vicious beagle will hold a lot of humor for pet owners. It’s definitely interesting to hear that the gun laws differ to such a wide degree in America vs. Australia.

  3. Heather Reply

    It’s interesting to hear an Aussie’s perspective on shooting ranges and American gun laws. Glad to see you still had a good time, thanks for sharing!

  4. US Patriot Armory Reply

    Personally I don’t think laws in America and wherever else are of any use. What is important here is whether people are educated enough to use them properly and to take measure to keep themselves and their family safe

  5. Richard Williams Reply

    I like this post because of how humorously it is written. This kept me interested till the very end of the article. Also, it is enlightening to discover that other countries as not as free as America when it comes to keeping guns as citizens.

    Also, it gives you a first-hand account of how it feels for a foreigner to try and get used to the second amendment culture. Aside from all that, it also gives you a feel of how shooting ranges operate, and how good company can actually make you enjoy the entire experience.

  6. Mellisa Reply

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    If you want you can visit this site, that’s article is will be effective for you.

  8. Laurel Larsen Reply

    It was interesting to read that gun shooting was a stress reliever. My husband grew up around guns and has been trying to get me into it. I might have him take me to a gun range to try it out and relieve some stress of my own!

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