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You’ve spent a good portion of your day researching and writing up what you believe is the perfect blog post. You publish it, share it on your regular social media channels and wait. Surely this is going to get picked up by your audience and passed along in no time.

But nothing happens.

Sound familiar?

Im blogging this Jhayne Flickr Red PlatypusThe problem is, there are millions of blogs on the web. It’s hard to stand out. You have to make sure your content is exceptional every single time you hit the publish button, otherwise it’s going to get lost in the sea of other blogs out there.

And how do you do that? We’ve come up with five ways to make your blog content more shareworthy:

Have a niche and stick to it

Writing a blog about being a mum? So are many women. What about writing about being a mum who is homeschooling their child while they travel the world? That’s a specific niche and one that will get more eyeballs on your content.

Teach somebody something

Is your blog more like a personal diary? This is fine as long as you’re teaching the reader about the mistakes you’re learning first hand. But if it’s just verbal diarrhea or a sob story, people will tune out and move on to more interesting content. Make sure you’re offering your readers value in your content.Twitter bird Widjaya Ivan Flickr Red Platypus

Hook in the reader

Start your blog like a story. Grab the attention of the reader so that they can’t help themselves but read on. Ask them a question they’re looking to answer. Describe a situation in which they read about and say, ‘Yes! That’s me!’ Get the reader interested in what you’re writing about from your first sentence.

Share smartly

Think about your social media before you publish updates. Make your audience want to click through to your article and read it. Think of a unique angle to advertise your content and then use different wording across each social media channel. Think about social media keywords to make your content pop.

MohairBella Flickr Red PlatypusDon’t be afraid to be different – be afraid to be mundane

Dog bites someone. There’s no story in that. Human bites dog – now there’s a story. Report on something that stands out from the crowd. Think from a different point of view and voice your opinion. Don’t make it so obscure that nobody can relate, but present a point of view nobody has thought about before, but one that everyone can relate to. Create a unique voice so that your content is share worthy and different to everything else that’s out there.

Good luck!

Do you have any more tips on how to make your content share worthy? Leave them in the comment section below!

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