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There’s a craze sweeping across London called Secret Cinema. It’s a themed event where you go along and experience scenes from a movie almost as if you’ve stepped inside the screen, all the while try to guess what film it is before sitting down to watch said movie.

Before attending the latest event, you had to register online and then choose which science-related profession you’d like to come as, dressing in suitable attire. I went as a field analyst and had to wear a boiler suit and bring along a plant.

We had to pick a plant to go on display in the space station

We were then told a couple of days beforehand to gather at Euston tube station where we were told by a man, who was also wearing a boiler suit, to get in line and follow him to the ‘ship’. Upon arrival, the location of which was a warehouse in north London, we were ‘quarantined’ through a former petrol station before being screamed at through megaphones about our important mission ahead. Separating into our occupations, large roller doors opened into the warehouse where we could go explore.

One of the men who yelled at us through the megaphone

Set over four floors there were different rooms, where you often had to fumble about in the dark to figure out what you were looking at. We went to the plant room where we could deposit our plant and were encouraged to give it a name and sing to it before leaving it behind. Another room looked like a museum, with random things like chopped off Barbie doll heads that had been tagged with a description and left on display.

A decapitated ginerbread man on show at the museum exhibit

Next to a bar, where you could order cocktails using your ‘foreign currency tablet chips’ which we exchanged cash for, you could lie down in sleeping pods. Another room held a large chandelier that hung from the ceiling and changed colour, with another part of the building featuring a glow in the dark ping pong table where you could play a game.

The sleeping pods

We were told that the space shuttle was due to leave shortly and quickly ushered into an old school warehouse lift, complete with metal latticed sliding doors. Moving downstairs, we were taken into the ‘launch room’ where there were real-life space cars that looked like they had been pinched from the set of a sci-fi movie.

One of the space shuttle cars

We were taken into the cinema theatre room, watching a man being arrested because he was ‘contaminated and dangerous’ along the way – a scene played out by a pair of the many live actors dotted about the place.

Inside the creepy elevator

Fresh popcorn in hand, we sat down to watch the film, which was… well, I’m not telling. You’ll have to go to Secret Cinema to find out. And then shhhh… tell no one.

Want to take a look inside the Secret Cinema warehouse? Watch our video.

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