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You’ve been hiking all day in the Colorado mountains. Or you’ve been skiing down the slopes of the nearby resorts.

You’re shattered.

If you feel anything like Dave and I did after this hike, then you want a chance to rest and re-cooperate.

You could go sit in a jacuzzi. You could get a massage at a spa. Or better yet, you could go relax in the largest mineral hot spring pool in the world.

Glenwood Hot Springs Double-Barrelled Travel

Glenwood Hot Springs – the largest mineral hot springs in the world

Which is exactly what Dave and I did during our visit to Glenwood Hot Springs and Lodge.

After checking in the previous night, we had a restful night’s sleep in our luxurious bedroom and then got up at the crack of dawn to go on an early morning hike.

We ate a delicious breakfast at the Poolside Grill and then headed to Hanging Lake for a two hour hike.

Feeling tired after our morning exercise, we quickly changed out of our dirty clothes and relaxed in the Glenwood Hot Springs.

Ahhh… the warmth on our skin.

Absolute bliss.

It’s no wonder guests have been doing this for the past 125 years.

Glenwood Hot Springs3 Double-Barrelled Travel

Time to relax at Glenwood Hot Springs


A lot of the time, hot springs are located far out of towns in the middle of nowhere, but that’s not the case with Glenwood Hot Springs. You can leave the hotel and be downtown by walking a short distance.

The hotel and hot springs are also located just off the I-70 so it’s easily accessible by car. The Amtrak train also goes through Glenwood Springs so you can get there via public transport – something that is reasonable rare in the US.

The only downside to the location is that because it’s not in the middle of nowhere, it’s not all that peaceful. The entrance to the highway runs by the end of one pool, meaning it’s not all that private or quiet.

Poolside grill Glenwood Hot Springs Double-Barrelled Travel

The Poolside Grill at Glenwood Hot Springs


With your hotel stay at Glenwood Hot Springs you receive a buffet breakfast. We were really impressed with the food – the buffet had everything, including fresh fruit, cereals, porridge and bagels. If you wanted pancakes and omlettes the staff are happy to make them up for you fresh. Because we were off hiking we stuffed our faces without feeling too guilty.

Pancakes and omelette from Poolside Grill at Glenwood Hot Springs Double-Barrelled Travel

My pancakes, omelette and hash brown, cooked up fresh at the Poolside Grill

Large selection of teas Poolside Grill Glenwood Hot Springs Double-Barrelled Travel

There were lots of teas to choose from at the Poolside Grill


Our rooms were the standard double room with two double beds. The serenity of the hot springs carried through to the bedroom with dark wood panelling and soft red furnishings which evoked calm.

The room came with a wide flat screen TV, an empty bar fridge and a microwave. I was quite impressed there was a microwave in the room – not many hotels have those these days.

Check out the video below for an insight into what our room was like.

Other Ameneties

There’s free wi-fi at the hotel for guests.

There was a bath in the bathroom and I enjoyed this after a soak in the hot springs. Double relaxation! The only problem with the tub was that if you had your head at the end that doesn’t have the taps then the little enclove around the bath left your face in the dark – making it difficult to read during your soak.

There is a spa at Glenwood Hot Springs, called the Spa of the Rockies, which is open seven days a week. They have a range of services including LED light treatment. So, although the springs are ideal for a family getaway, it’d be the perfect place for a weekend with the girls too because you could get massages and manicures together.

Spa of the Rockies Glenwood Hot Springs Double-Barrelled Travel

The Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs

Unfortunately the waterslides at the hot springs weren’t open when we were there (I think this is just a summer thing) but that’s a great option to keep the kids busy. There’s also a diving board if you have the courage to dive in front of a bunch of strangers!

There’s a fitness centre which has classes including pilates, spinning and yoga. I was a bit disappointed to discover you still have to pay (albeit only US$10) to go to the gym if you’re a guest at the lodge.

Parking for guests isn’t an issue because if the regular parking lot is full, which it was when we were there, you can use your room card to get into a gated parking lot. I thought this was a good idea to incorporate this, seeing as the hotel is so close to town and the area can get busy.

What we liked at Glenwood Hot Springs

The service at the hotel was excellent. When we checked in, the man at reception was extremely friendly and answered all our queries happily. In the morning when we went for breakfast, once again the service was outstanding and the staff very friendly.

We thought it was a good idea that you could come and go in and out of the hot springs as you pleased. All you had to do was stamp your wrist with invisable ink, which is great because it doesn’t rub off on your clothes.

Glenwood Hot Springs2 Double-Barrelled Travel

What we didn’t like

Unfortunately our room had a view of the car park which wasn’t very private. In an area as beautiful as Colorado it was a little disappointing that we were overlooking concrete.

The hot springs were VERY crowded. I guess this can’t be helped as it’s a popular spot, but I’d advise going for a soak either when it opens or the hour before it closes as it’s not so busy. Also, I assume weekdays would be quieter – we were there over the weekend.

Anything else you need to know:

Cost: A room is US$219 a night plus tax. This includes breakfast and your entry into the Glenwood Hot Springs.

If you want to visit the hot springs on their own, tickets cost between US$15.25 and US$20.25, depending on the time of year you visit (whether it’s peak season or not).

All day use of the waterslides costs between US$11.95 and US$19.95

Address: 415 East 6th Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

 We received a media rate of US$129 plus tax for our night’s stay at the lodge and entry into Glenwood Hot Springs. But as always, our views are our own.




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