Return travel: yes or no?

I walked out of a screening of Moulin Rouge back in the day. It’s one film I certainly won’t watch a repeat viewing of.

But that’s not the case for a couple of mates from New Zealand who have been pushing the limits of human endurance through their podcast The Worst Idea Of All Time. These lads watch flicks like bad films Sex and the City 2 over and over again – and put their hilarious suffering out there for you to enjoy.

Return travel

Have a listen – it’ll rock your world

Their insights and observations are bloody hilarious and they really put the microscope and the blowtorch to the films they watch, pulling them apart like mad scientists.

Is return travel a good idea?

I had a listen to the podcast before Carmen and I left Australia for our latest jaunt of travel, and their wild premise struck a bit of last minute panic into me.

After all, we were flying to Chiang-Mai in Thailand, a place we had just been to at the end of last year. Oh, and I’d already been to the city back in 2008 as a solo traveller. Third times a charm right?

Looking ahead in our itinerary, we’re now in Japan – a first time visit for me – and then we’re heading to Ubud in Bali, again. That’ll be three visits to the island of the gods within a yearlong span of time. That’s a lot of return travel.

Return travel

Welcome to paradise… again

Now, we absolutely love Ubud and Chiang Mai. But the ideas behind the Worst Idea Of All Time beg a question on the other side of the coin they’re spinning –is it a good idea to experience something you like over and over?

Repeat viewings reveal more

There are so many places in the world that want to see and things that I want to experience that going back to places I’ve been before seems like a waste of time. But then again, my parents travel again and again to Italy because they see they love it, and see things there they haven’t on previous trips.

Just like repeated viewings of a movie or readings of a book will unveil new insights that deepen the experience, return travel can reveal things that you never knew were there before.

Return travel

A forest temple in Chiang Mai, beckoning new adventures…

This time around, Chiang Mai seemed so much more vibrant and detailed. On my first trip to the city, I was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds and smells and only had a limited amount of time to process it all.

The most recent trip last year was calmer and more familiar, but we spent more time in the old town compared to this most recent trip where we were outside the city walls in the up and coming districts.

Enjoying running over the same old ground

Instead of being discouraged by seeing the same stamps in my passport and baulking at the familiar, I tried to look at Chiang Mai in a different light; seeing things I’d not seen before and peeling away some more layers.

And come to think of it, I repeat myself all the time and thoroughly enjoy it.

Return travel

Hans Heysen was a master at painting light

Whenever I travel back home to Perth I make sure to visit two icons of art and sport – the painting Droving Into The Light by Hans Heysen at the Perth Art Gallery; and Australia II, the yacht that won the America’s Cup in 1983, now bolted to the Fremantle Maritime Museum. I never tire of seeing them.

And don’t ask me how many times I’ve seen Star Wars! It’s a hell of a lot more than I’ve seen Sex and the City 2, but whatever does it for you… return travel is definitely a good idea.

Have you been back to a place you loved – and loved it again?

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  1. Anne Reply

    I live in Perth and I have never been to the maritime museum!!! Sounds like I need to check it out.

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