7 ways to save money and reduce stress when booking travel

Booking travel for your next trip away can be stressful and time-consuming. You will want to know that you are getting the best possible tickets available. Knowing that the route you will be taking is the shortest or quickest is also very important, and there is a world of other factors that you will want to take on board. 

Next to cost, you may have concerns about how environmentally friendly the method that you are choosing to travel using is. With the climate crisis being something that concerns us all, making responsible decisions about the way that you get around this planet is essential. 

Then you’ll want to think about the comfort and stress involved in the journey. There may be connections on your trip that you will need to make and if you are travelling a major route, it could get pretty crowded which could, in turn, lead to delays or an uncomfortable journey.

Get there in a private jet

So, you may not be the president of the United States or the lead singer of a famous rock band, but that does not mean that private planes are completely off-limits to you. If you are travelling as a small group, you might find that a private plane for a journey that is only an hour or two in the air could be more cost-effective than you would think.

Private planes can land in smaller airports and local airfields meaning you can get closer to your final destination than with a commercial flight. With less time involved in the check-in and baggage reclaim process, and having the whole plane to yourself, you may find yourself looking into how much is a plane to charter. 

Turn private browsing on

When you start to look for any type of tickets online, make sure that you turn private or incognito browsing on. By simply using a private browsing tab on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or whatever web browser you are running, you will be able to reduce the chances of your ticket prices rapidly increasing between visits. 

Often, when you are browsing for tickets for a flight you’ll leave a site to check elsewhere, and by the time you come back, they have put the price up. This is because your visits are being tracked using cookies. The prices rise so that you rush to buy them before they jump in price again.  By using a private browsing tab, these cookies won’t be used and the prices won’t be affected by this. 

Of course, other factors can still affect your ticket prices.

Compare ticket prices

Whether you are flying or catching a train or bus, getting the best-priced tickets is vital. Shop around everywhere so that you can find favourable deals. 

Make sure that as well as using comparison websites, you check the actual website of the airline, train or bus operator. Sometimes they will have their own cheaper deals that nobody else has.

Book early

Not only will booking your tickets early mean that you will get the peace of mind associated with the fact that you know that you have them, but you will be more likely to find a bargain. 

As you get closer to the date that you are hoping to travel, you will find that prices will rise. The earlier you buy your tickets, the better. 

If you are travelling by rail, you may be inclined to think that you can just buy the tickets on the day of travel. But by booking them months in advance, you could get your tickets for a fraction of the price. 

Travel during the quietest or least popular times

If you want to save some real money, travel when fewer people are travelling. Avoid school holidays and weekends when holidaymakers are most likely to be going places. Think about the times of the week when business people are making journeys, and avoid these times. 

Mid-week and night times may be much cheaper because they are some of the least popular times to make a journey.

When you are booking travel tickets, try looking at a mixture of different times and dates to see how the prices vary. 

Travelling through the night and sleeping on the journey may save you the cost of accommodation for that night. You’ll find that fewer people will be travelling, and it is likely to be less stressful. 

Rail fares jump up in price when it gets to peak times of the day. With this in mind, steer clear of making your journey during the periods when most people will be travelling too or from work. 

Similarly, roads will be quieter through the night when there is less traffic about. If you are driving, you will enjoy a straightforward run if you do it through the night. You may also end up using less fuel and as a result, have lower emissions.

Use a credit card to pay when booking travel

Whenever you are booking travel it is always a good idea to use a credit card when you pay. This will ensure you have the protection you need should your ticket operator go out of business. 

Find a credit card that offers you air miles or frequent flyer points, there are many different credit cards available that provide discounts on travel and may help you out. 

You could also take out a credit card with the airline company that you are flying with. Many operators offer credit cards that will allow you to take advantage of special rates or accrue additional loyalty points.

Ride share

If you are travelling by car for any duration of your trip, whether in your own vehicle, a rental car or in a taxi, a way of saving costs is to share your ride with others that are going the same way. 

Not only will sharing your ride help to save you a considerable amount of money, but it will also ensure that you are reducing your overall carbon emissions as you do so.

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    I love the tip about traveling during the least-popular times. It’s a total game changer! Big crowds can be really stressful when you’re traveling and it’s a nice way to get around that. I try to take advantage of shoulder season as much as possible, too. For cost savings and less hustle and bustle
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