Photo essay: Yellowstone in pictures

It would’ve been a crime not to have posted this photo essay.

Yellowstone National Park still remains one of our favourite adventures on this round the world trip so far and I have to show you the photos so you can see just how magical it is for yourself.

Yellowstone in pictures

geyser near the artist's paintpots at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled TravelThe Grand Prismatic Spring

I’ll start with one of the best for this Yellowstone in pictures series – the Grand Prismatic Spring (below).

This is probably one of the most famous geysers in Yellowstone, thanks to the many photos that have been taken of it from the air so you can get a true sense of what the colours are like.

Yes, the colours are as vivid as they appear in this photo!

We hiked to the top of a hill, through dense forest, to take this shot but it was well worth it.

Later I heard some tourists asking a ranger where this geyser was, only to realise that they had already been there and weren’t that impressed.

I think that if you view it from the board walk that you can see in the photo, it wouldn’t be half as impressive as the view was from higher ground.

Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled TravelMammoth Hot Springs

The Mammoth Hot Springs, located near the top of Yellowstone, were by no means in full flow but they were still impressive.

This was our first contact with hot springs in the park and we marvelled at the beautiful colours and formations the hot water creates as it bubbles to the surface.

Mammoth hot springs2 at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel

Mammoth hot springs at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel

Mammoth hot springs at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled TravelYellowstone’s lakes, rivers and waterfalls

Yellowstone does have many other water features aside from the geysers. There are spectacular waterfalls and secluded lakes dotted all around the park.

Some of the best way to see these is to hike through the back country which is how we came across this sulphur lake in the first photo below.

Reflections on a lake in Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel

Waterfalls at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel

Waterfall at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel

River at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled TravelYellowstone’s geysers

But for me, the favourite part of Yellowstone was all of its geysers. I’d never seen a geyser before and there’s something so magical about them.

Want to see one in action? Watch our video which is all about the geysers in Yellowstone.

blue colours of geysers at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel

clear waters of a geyser at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel

Steam rising from a geyser at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel

Water boiling in a geyser in Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel

Small geyser at Yellowstone Double-Barrelled Travel



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