Montréal outdoors; appreciating the greenery

We had high hopes for Montréal and it didn’t disappoint. We’d been told that it’s a very trendy city full of young hipsters and students. And that was certainly true.

But what we hadn’t been told was that enjoying Montréal outdoors is something that shouldn’t be missed.

Dave relaxing on his bike on Montreal islands in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

Dave letting go of all the stress as we enjoy Montréal in the outdoors

In fact, spending time outdoors in Montréal was one of the best things we did on our travels through Canada.

We’d arrived in Montréal exhausted. The drama with our van in getting to the city had left us feeling stressed and worn out. This wasn’t how I’d imagined our travels to be.

Carmen with the Montreal skyline behind her in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

Ride across to Montréal’s islands and you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city

I thought it’d be relaxing, a time to step back from the busyness of London and unwind. But instead, because of the van, we arrived in Montréal burned out.

But if there’s one city you can unwind in, we’d found it was Montréal.

Carmen and Dave bike riding in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

Feeling much more relaxed after our bike ride

Like the Boris bike system in London, you can hire bikes in Montréal for about $7 for 24 hours. We jumped on a pair and rode them out to Montréal’s islands.

There are hardly any cars on the islands so you can pedal in the tranquillity of the green space, taking in the view of Montréal across the water.

Dave in the old port in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

Dave cycling in the Old Port of Montreal

We spent a good five hours riding our bikes through the islands and back into the heart of Montréal, feeling the stress fall off us as we pedalled.

dome environment museum in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

This dome is on one of the islands – it’s an environment museum

Exercise is good for the soul and so the next day we decided to explore Montréal’s other green space – Mont Royal.

climbing up Mont Royal in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

Dave trying to spot the wood through the trees

This grassy hill towers over the city and perched right on top is a giant cross which is lit up at night time.

Cross at the top of Mont Royal in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

This giant cross can be found at the top of Mont Royal

The hill is a haven for fitness fanatics who were running up and down the steep slope as we clambered to the top. Our pace was more sedate yet even so, by the time we reached the summit we were out of breath.

The views were worth the hard work.

view over Montreal from Mont Royal in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

The beautiful view from the top of Mont Royal

We could see for miles all over Montréal and it was nothing short of spectacular.

And just like that, we relaxed.

View from Mont Royal in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

All my stress melted away after a few days in Montreal

All the stress created from our van breaking down seemed to float away from us and over the tall buildings of downtown Montréal and into the distance.

Dave scrambling down Mont Royal in Montreal Double-Barrelled Travel

Once we got to the top of Mont Royal, we chose the off-the-path route down the hill

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Carmen has been nomadic since May 2013 and the co-founder of Double-Barrelled Travel. She loves experiencing new cultures and learning new languages. She is having the most fun when skiing down a mountain, scuba diving in the Caribbean or curled up with a good book.

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