There’s something for everyone in Melbourne after dark

When we plan any trip to a bustling location like Melbourne, most of us focus all of our planning prowess on top daytime activities. After all, there’s so much going on here that you’ll be spoilt for choice between hotspots like the National Gallery of Victoria and Brighton Beach. That’s enough for anyone to be getting along with, let alone also needing to think about how you’re going to fill your evenings.

In reality, though, the bustling city of Melbourne is by no means a travel destination in which nights should go to waste. In fact, no matter how busy you’ve been during the day, you’ll find that seeing the city come alive after dark puts a spring of exploration straight back in your step.

As is the case with daytime Melbourne excursions, though, knowing the best things to do in Melbourne after dark isn’t always easy. Obviously, starting as you mean to go on at top Melbourne eateries like Anchovy is a no-brainer. From there, however, your night could take any turn you fancy when you embrace top evening activities like the following.

melbourne city buildings at night

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Delving into Melbourne’s nightlife

Melbourne is a favourite city location for cultural diversity and bustling lifestyles. Even better, the best Melbourne nightclubs and bars have something to appeal to every audience. From fairytale-themed drinking at Storyville, to lavish Latin evenings at daHa Bar, you’re bound to find a scene for your tastes. In fact, there are so many tempting options on offer here, that you could enjoy everything from hip hop to electronica and then house in one evening, and guarantee yourself a good time!

Making the most of Melbourne night tours

There are also some great Melbourne night tours available, and any one of them is worth your time. Options like the Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruise and the Slumber Safari at Werribee Open Range Zoo will certainly show you an element of the city that you won’t ever get in the daytime. Meanwhile, it’s always possible to tap into Melbourne’s history with options like the History and Whiskey bars tour. And don’t forget the iconic walking tours which can uncover hidden gems including Melbourne’s hidden laneway bars. 

Heading to Victoria Night Market

It would be remiss to talk about Melbourne after dark without also mentioning Victoria Night Market. The market runs every Wednesday night through summer and winter. It boasts fantastic street-eating options, and is licensed to serve you a nice cold drink. To make the most of the market, you can book a walking tour, or head there to see for yourself what all of the hype is about!

Melbourne has just as much variety on offer at night as it does in the day – make sure you’re not wasting any of that potential by exploring Melbourne after dark in style using these recommendations. 



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