Travel sketch: Margaret River beaches

Margaret River beaches are some of Australia’s best and a recent trip down south where we sampled a few of them got me thinking about shampoo.

Hear me out.

Margaret River's beaches

This is close to Redgate beach – a great spot

Expensive holiday shampoo

A few years back a very beautiful hairdresser managed to convince me to buy some expensive shampoo from her store with mint leaves infused into it.

“It’s like taking a holiday every time you shower,” she said. “So refreshing.”

Blinded by her smile and suggestive ways, I forked over an obscene amount of money and walked out feeling a bit duped. But that night when I lathered this pricey shampoo up in the shower I was transported to another plane of existence.

The mint infusion was like having a bucket of ice cold water tipped over my scalp. It was shockingly good. The feeling lasted for a few hours and when I went to bed I fell into a deeply relaxed sleep. She was right. It was just like taking a holiday.

Margaret River's beaches

Big crowds…

Margaret River beaches have me reminiscing

The memory of this little episode came to me very strongly when I went for a swim at Gnarabup Beach, a relaxed spot just outside Margaret River in Western Australia’s South-West region where we were having a mini-break.

Hot white sand. Rolling dunes iced with saltbush. Dark blue water shot with topaz shallows. The coastline curving left and right like a crab claw. Margaret River beaches are uniformly beautiful.

There was Carmen, and me, and our friend Kim who’d come to stay a night with us sitting on beach towels in the midday sun reading books, applying sunscreen and listening to the slow lapping of the tide.

When it got too hot I whipped off my shirt and went down to the sea for a quick dip. The air temperature was in the low 30s, but the water was ice cold. It took my breath away as I walked deeper and deeper, water rising up my thighs till it started to hit vital areas and make me shiver.

Margaret River's beaches

Too cold for some…

Floating on the feeling

I dove outward and knifed down into the water, below the blue layer, down to the sandy bottom where I kicked and kicked and sped straight along till I had to come up for air.

The top of my head was as cool and cold and tingling as if I’d doused it with a double shot of that shampoo. I dove back down again and again recharging the sensation till I lay on my back and stared at the sky. Weightless, relaxed, perfect and clean.

Now whenever I wash my hair I think of Margaret River beaches and that elusive feeling.

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