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This interview is part of our Love Mondays series, bringing you stories of digital nomad couples from around the world who love their Mondays! You can read more about the series here.

Stu and Eloise first left the UK on a major travel adventure back in 2011. They were “so stoked” to leave their old jobs and the 9-5 behind them – but said they were fully unprepared for the roller coaster that lay ahead. It took them six months or so to find their work groove and to get out of the habit to spend all their time relaxing!

They’ve now been on the road for just over four years. I asked them a few questions about their lifestyle.

Am I Nearly There yetHow do you make your money when you travel?

Over the years we’ve managed to diversify our income streams so we’re not too reliant on one source. With our network of sites, we have a combination of earning methods: Digital and physical products, adwords, direct advertising and affiliate schemes.

We also both use Elance and offer copywriting and SEO services. Although we don’t push as hard as we should!Stu and Eloise

What’s the biggest challenge you face being a digital nomad?

The travel / work balance is tough for us. That sounds very much like a ‘first world’ issue! A pressure deadline is the same anywhere in the world, and if you’re not organised and on-point with your time management – You can pay the price. Back in 2012 we wrote this article about issues we faced becoming location independent.

We lost a a huge deal because we stayed an extra day on an island somewhere without wifi. It was a slap in the face to our professionalism, and has adjusted our travel mindset to factor in wifi dependancy!

Eloise is vegan. How do you manage this when on the road?

It’s been a struggle! Some cuisines lend themselves well to vegetarianism, like Indian and Thai – and others are very meat-focused! We travelled with a ‘Vegan Passport’ – it’s a little booklet explaining what a vegan diet is in hundreds of languages, with examples of what we can eat!

Our vegan travel section has a few tips and tricks that some might find helpful. We always travel with emergency snacks – and we’re never without bananas!

Stu and Eloise in LaosYou’ve been to some off the beaten path destinations like Mongolia. How did you manage working while in these remote locations?

It’s tough! Without wifi, you need to factor in workload and productivity. We plan our schedule when we know there’s not going to be much of an internet connection – it’s possible, but these days we’re sadly a lot more reliant on that connection to the outside world. Plus our clients don’t stress out as much!

How do you manage your relationship on the road – what are the biggest challenges you face travelling as a couple and how do you deal with these?

Honestly, we travel very well together. But a few years back we realised while we were travelling through India that we hadn’t had a day apart from each other for over a year. While we were happy, we thought it’s probably healthy to have a day or two apart – for our own sanity!

But we’re lucky that we can work together and still share the excitement of travelling to new places without getting on each others nerves!

Eloise and Stu are slow travel experts and owners of Am I Nearly There Yet? Wi-fi hunters and coffee addicts – they travel around the globe one cafe at a time!


Are you a digital nomad couple who would you like to feature in our Love Mondays series? Drop us an email.

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