Looking to escape London? We review places for an August holiday in the UK

So summer is nearly upon us in the northern hemisphere and although I’m loathe to use the word, ‘staycations’ have been very popular in the UK in recent years, thanks to the recession.

Indeed, we had some of our best travel experiences throughout the UK when we lived there.

But where should you go for an August holiday in the UK?

There are many picturesque villages to escape to around the UK, and is one of the reasons why Britain is such a unique place to holiday in.

Picturesque English village thatched roof  Double-Barrelled Travel

With picturesque villages like this one in Somerset, who wouldn’t want to holiday in the UK?

One city escape can be found in Somerset, on a town on the coast called Minehead – a great spot for an August holiday in the UK. Although more of a small city than a village, Minehead is not only adjacent to the coast but it also borders Exmoor National Park.

This means you can go for a swim in the morning and a hike in the afternoon – now that sounds like a day out Dave and I would enjoy.

We haven’t been there yet but have heard great things and would love to check it out one day. Now is a good time to do it too, because you can find some great deals on bank holiday breaks.

But last year we went to another spot in Somerset, spending a delightful weekend in Corton Denham. It’s a tiny little village with a few houses and the obligatory post office, pub and church. Many of the houses have thatched rooves and their gardens are covered in rose bushes.

The village looks like something out of a storybook.

sheep in Somerset  Double-Barrelled Travel

This was the view from our window in Corton Denham – each morning we woke up to the sound of sheep baaing

It was in the village’s local pub, The Queens Arms, that we spent a wonderful two nights.

Each morning we were woken by the baaing of sheep and both nights we dined in the pubs restaurant, which served delightful food.

We thought no place could top that city break… until we spent a Christmas down in Cornwall, a county further west of Somerset. Unfortunately it rained the entire time Dave and I were there, but we still enjoyed muddy walks along the public pathways along the coast.

View from a country walk in Cornwall  Double-Barrelled Travel

The spectacular view we had during our country walk in Cornwall

And for the first time, we saw beaches in England that actually had sand, rather than pebbles.

On Christmas Day, as per tradition, there were many brave souls frolicking in the icy waters – making it an interesting time of year to visit.

Country walk in Cornwall  Double-Barrelled Travel

It may have been muddy but we still enjoyed our country walk in Cornwall

Although I must admit, August would be the season to go to Cornwall. The water will be warm enough to have a dip without getting frostbite, and you’ll be able to eat fish and chips sitting on the sandy shores, rather than rugged up warm in the restaurants like we had to.

Finally, one of places we visited in wintertime but would’ve loved to have gone in summer, was Scotland.

Most of you have probably heard of Loch Ness, thanks to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, but another beautiful loch not to be missed is Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond Scotland Double-Barrelled Travel

The beautiful Loch Lomond – this photo hasn’t been photoshopped at all

We visited Loch Lomond on a frosty winter’s day. The sky was blue and even though it was bitingly cold, the ducks carved out slow ripples on the water’s surface as they swam by.

Loch Lomond is the biggest body of inland water in the UK, and in August this makes it a great spot for boating, fishing and even biking in and around the loch.

A hidden gem to explore in the area is Kilchurn Castle, which is a ruined castle where you can walk up wooden steps and take in the view of Loch Lomond and its surrounds.

So it’s nearly August. Are you having a summer break? Where are you going?

Loch Lomond Scotland Double-Barrelled Travel

Yet another photo that hasn’t been photoshopped of the beautiful Loch Lomond in Scotland

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  1. Ayla Reply

    I’m heading to Cornwall in August so love that you’ve recommended it! Mr Ayla plans on doing some surfing while I sit on the sand eating the fish and chips! Some great place ideas here 🙂

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