Why is long-distance relocation so stressful?

Most people love the idea of long-distance travel. The world is your oyster, and there’s so much to see and discover. As such, enthusiastic travellers have soon come to realise there is more to the world than their neighbouring countries. Discovering a place you’ve never seen before is not worrying at all. On the contrary, it’s the purpose of your trip!long-distance relocation man on bike

So, it can seem odd, in comparison, to think that we are much less comfortable about long-distance relocation than short trips. We don’t mind racking up the miles when we go on holiday. So what makes relocating so stressful? 

You don’t answer all the questions surrounding long-distance relocation

When you plan a holiday in a distant region or country, the first thing you do is to research your destination. A lot of travellers still rely on travel guides to get a first taste idea of their upcoming destinations.

Guides are useful in the sense that they can answer a lot of practical questions, starting by how to get to your hotel, how much does public transportation cost, etc.

But strangely enough, people who are relocating don’t seem to spend as much time researching their new home. There are plenty of relocation guides available, whether you’re moving to Melbourne or moving abroad to the French countryside.

Why miss out on the opportunity to find out more about public transport, the local real estate market, the weather, the culture, and the people? Embrace those expat guides! building-metal-house-architecture-101808

You don’t enjoy the journey

Think about your last long-distance trip. How did you prepare? Did you have a selection of entertaining devices in your bag? Did you pack a few snacks for the journey?

The same principle applies to a long-distance relocation. Most people rush from one destination to the other, sometimes at the risk of arriving exhausted into an empty house.

Instead, make the most of the journey to explore your surroundings. Why not organise for packing and unpacking with a relocation company while you take the road at your own pace.

If you’ve got a caravan, pack for the trip and relax while someone else is preparing your new home for you. In the meantime, you can discover the new region and enjoy a glass of wine on a camp chair in the evening. adventure-boy-girl-idyllic-450441

You want to hit the ground running

When you visit a new place, you’re often happy to step outside of your comfort zone and live like a local. But when you move into a new area, you become a local for life.

Therefore, you need to create your comfort zone as you settle in. The best way to do so? Get to know your neighbours before arriving or soon after.

Many communities have a digital presence that lets you reach out to those living in your area.

Take the time, as well, to make a list of all the places that could replace your usual shops and coffees. For instance, going back to the Melbourne example, why not look for the best coffee shop in town if you’re a coffee aficionado. It will allow you to establish your roots even before you arrive.high-angle-shot-of-suburban-neighborhood-1546168

Cut the stress out of long-distance relocation

Can you reduce the stress of long-distance moves? In all fairness, you can make things more enjoyable for everyone with the right mindset.

Of course, you can’t entirely remove the nervous knot you feel at the back of your throat at the idea of leaving a place you’ve known all your life for a new home. But, if you learn to repurpose your travel-savviness to your relocation, you’ll fall in love with your new home in no time! 



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