Video: London by Duck Tour

The London Duck Tour is a great way to see London. London is a labyrinth and best seen on foot. But why walk when you can drive? Better yet, why drive when you can float? Join me on a London Duck Tour, where you can sit inside an amphibious truck built for the D-Day landings in WWII that’s now ferrying tourists around London’s best sights, on and off the water!

Check out our video of a trip on the London Duck Tour below.

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About the author

Carmen and Dave are the pair behind Double-Barrelled Travel. They've been travel buddies since 2008 and were married in 2012. They chose Double-Barrelled Travel as the name for their blog because when they tied the knot they each took one another's name. In Australia, this is called a Double-Barrelled name.

4 comments on “Video: London by Duck Tour”

  1. Marco Fiori Reply

    I see these all the time around London and wondered whether they’re always stuck on the river, or actually go around land. Seems like a good mix and a great way to see the city. Great video, the James Bond bit made me laugh.

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