Jobs to do while travelling Australia

In the travel Facebook groups we follow, I’ve been noticing a lot of people asking how best to find jobs to do while travelling Australia. I thought I’d draft together some ideas to share on how we do it, along with how other people make money while travelling.

After working while exploring the world on and off for the past six or so years, we’ve met many people doing all types of jobs as they travel the world.

Ruby exploring Double-Barrelled Travel

How to make money when travelling… so you can adventure for longer with your family

Here are some ideas about how to make money while travelling Australia.

Content writing

This is how we make our money. As former journalists, we found it easy to make the switch to copywriting. Most of our clients come to our business, Red Platypus, through word of mouth.

We have a regular core of clients in which we write monthly content for.

However, when times have been lean, we’ve reached out to other online services to get work.

These websites include Upwork, Copify, Fiverr and Airtasker.

It’s worth being wary of these sites though. Some of them are simply content mills representing clients who want to pay their writers a pittance for their work.

You have to use them in a way that benefits you.

For example, with Copify, the pay rates can be low, but the writing is easy to do. This means we can do it quickly, and because we are able to churn out the copy almost with our eyes closed, it’s worth our time.

The pay is not what we would normally charge, but the writing work is easy so it compensates for this.

I’m against these websites being used to abuse the skills of writers by paying them un-liveable rates, which is why I would recommend only pitching for highly paid work on Upwork and Airtasker. For Fiverr, I’ve set my rates high (for a lot more than $5) and will only take on work from people who are willing to pay me what I’m worth.

These websites also offer payment for a lot of other work, such as gardening on Airtasker, or web design on Fiverr. If you have a skill to offer, it’s worth searching these sites to see if there’s a job out there for you.

But please, be wary and make sure you only pitch for work that is going to pay you what you’re worth.

Walking on a lake Double-Barrelled Travel

What I do when a content mill undervalues my writing… walk away

Look to the caravan parks in your area

If you’re looking for free accommodation, why not hunt down a caravan park that offers free accommodation in return for labour?

We’ve come across a few places that offer this, such as Coonawarra Bush Camp in South Australia.

It’s also worth asking caravan parks that you stay in whether they have any work going. If it’s the busy season, they’ll often be looking for cleaners or receptionists.

And while you’re at the caravan park, why not check the noticeboards to see if there’s any work going in the local area to find jobs to do while travelling Australia?

While we haven’t done a work exchange at a park yet, we have negotiated discounts for long term stays, which helps keep costs down.

Coonawarra Bush Campground Double-Barrelled Travel

The beautiful Coonawarra Bush Camp in South Australia

Try a farmstay

If you are travelling around Australia, there’s a lot of farm work to be found. We haven’t done this ourselves (yet) but we met some travellers last year, Charlotte and Dave, who’d done a lot of it and had the best time.

Contrary to what people might think, they actually got paid really well and learnt a lot during their farm stints. Dave got to help a farm mechanic and learnt a lot about mechanics, which has helped during their road trip around Australia!

There are some good websites out there, such as Farm Army, Career Harvest, Fruitpicking Jobs and Workabout Australia, to help you find a job suited to you.

Alpaca Double-Barrelled Travel

On a farm stay you might be lucky enough to look after alpacas


Have you heard of WOOFING? We haven’t done it ourselves, but it’s where you volunteer on a farm in return for food and accommodation.

Although you won’t be making money, per se, you will be saving money, so that’s a bonus!

For $70 a year you can join and use their website to locate places to WOOF in that are close to where you’re visiting.

Apple picking earn money travelling Australia

Picking apples might be one of the jobs you get as a WOOFer

Use your skills

Last week I met a woman who travelled Australia with her husband for two years, working as they went. She’s a qualified teacher, and he’s a qualified horticulturist, and they didn’t have any problems finding work.

She said they would often stop in a town for a school term, and she would get relief teaching while he did horticultural jobs.

We’ve met many other people who use their skills on the road like this too. One woman was a naturopath and would advertise her services on local Facebook pages wherever she went.

Her partner was an auto-electrician and he would often find people in the caravan parks they were staying in who needed solar panels installed or other sparky jobs carried out.

Get creative – if you have a skill, put it to use on the road. If you’re a hairdresser, offer haircuts from your caravan. Or why not offer babysitting or pet sitting services?

Ruby adventure Double-Barrelled Travel

Use your skills and get creative! Ruby’s skill is to walk over rocks without shoes on…

Join related Facebook groups

There are a number of different Facebook groups out there that can help you on your job hunt – Jobs for Families Travelling Australia, Grey Nomads Jobs and Farm Work Australia to name a few.

Make sure you set your Facebook page to ‘receiving notifications’ so you get the latest notifications from these groups. When a job comes up that suits you – apply for it straight away – they can go quick!

Sell products online

There are a number of different online business that sell products remotely. For example, you could get on the doTERRA train, sell Younique makeup, or join Yummy Mummies to sell their fitness program.

Amazon dropshipping is something else to look in to. I’ve been meaning to take this up when we have the time. Our friend Keith, who we met in Bali, earned loads on Amazon, selling ice cream scoops of all things!

Create products to sell at local markets

Some crafty people we’ve met have sold their products both online and at local markets while they’re travelling.

If you love crocheting, sewing, drawing, painting – anything crafty – then why not sell your wares while you travel?

You can set up an online store on Etsy, or sell at local markets as you go.

Jobs to do while travelling Australia market double-barrelled travel

You might find a job working at a local market

How can I earn money while travelling Australia?

I guess the biggest tip when working on the road is to think outside of the box. Give up the traditional perspective of work and get creative. What way can your skills be best put to work on the road? How can you help people? Would online or physical work suit you and your family best?

Good luck in the job hunt!

Have you found travelling jobs in Australia? Let us know what you did, and offer any tips, in the comments below!

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