Fun infographic – what celebrity would you want on a cruise ship with you?

Infographic for Virgin Cruises

As you know we love to travel and a cruise can be a great way to fit in multiple destinations whilst enjoying the height of luxury. Cruises are no longer the secret of retired couples but are enjoyed by families and younger couples alike, and with luxury dining and first class entertainment you can see why.

We’ve noticed many cruise ships while we’ve been living in Dominica and there seems to be so many different types that they can cater for a various groups and you’re bound to find one you like. There’s party cruises and ones for if you’d rather just relax. There are great cruises for scuba diving too – and cruising around the Caribbean is much cheaper than flying from island to island.

Celebrity cruise

The glamour – and often low costs – really does make the holiday experience memorable for more than just the destinations you reach. A recent survey looked at which celebrities you would like to rub shoulders with on board and unsurprisingly 18% of you wouldn’t mind seeing Elton John playing in the cabaret suite. Who would be you’re ideal celebrity guest?

This post was created with us working with Virgin Holiday Cruises.

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  1. tirun Reply

    celebrity cruises is really glamorous and best cruise line.get lot of fun and entertainment beyond the imaginations.

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