Insider advice for holidays to Majorca

Dave and I would love to visit Majorca one day, and spend hours relaxing on the beach. Although, after reading this post, we’ve realised there’s a lot more to do than just beach lounging! If you’re looking for a spring getaway, this is the place to go.

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Santa Ponca in Majorca.
Photo by Alex Loach on Flickr Creative Commons.

Holidays to Majorca

Despite the fact Majorca attracts scores of sun-seeking tourists interested in little more than topping up the tan and lounging on the beach, there is more to this captivating Mediterranean island than meets the eye.

From the cosmopolitan capital of Palma to charming traditional villages in the countryside, Majorca is a mesmerising melting pot of old and new. On top of that, there are plenty of cultural attractions and enjoyable activities to take advantage of too.

So, if you want to avoid the busier tourist traps and would appreciate some insider advice about making the most of your time in Majorca, here are some handy travel tips.

Palma cathedral Majorca Double-Barrelled Travel

The cathedral in Palma.
Photo by Cristian Bortes, Flickr Creative Commons.

Attractions and activities to see and do in Majorca

San Salvador Monastery

Escape the crowded coastline and visit this mountain top monastery, which proudly looks over the Majorcan countryside. In addition to enjoying the stunning view for yourself, historical tours enable you to discover more about this place of pilgrimage.

S’Albufera Nature Park

Although birdwatchers come here from all over to Europe to see rare species, these protected coastal wetlands are perfect for those wanting some peace and tranquillity away from the congested city and busy holiday resorts.

S’Albufera Nature Park Majorca Double-Barrelled Travel

S’Albufera Nature Park. Photo by Krzysztof Belczyńskl, Flickr Creative Commons.

RCD Mallorca

For an authentic insight into local life, visit the island’s biggest football club RCD Mallorca and watch a game. Tickets are relatively cheap compared to other clubs but you’ll still be able to witness Spain’s passion for the sport.

Tips for getting around Majorca

Think twice about hiring a car

If you plan on spending most of your time in Palma, think twice about hiring a car. Along with pricey parking, the local bus service will take you wherever you want to go for much cheaper instead.

Consider renting a bike

The capital and surrounding areas have an extensive network of cycle paths that you can use to get closer to Majorca’s natural beauty. What’s more, the weather is usually clear so you’ll have a great time meandering along on your bike.

Palma harbour Majorca Double-Barrelled Travel

Majorca harbour.
Photo by Mariusz Kluzniak, Flickr Creative Commons.

Eating and drinking in Majorca

Make lunch your main meal

The lunchtime “Menú Del Día” (typically three courses and a glass of wine) is incredibly good value and will allow you to taste some customary food and fare.

Palma Majorca Double-Barrelled Travel

Palma town centre.
Photo by Cristian Bortes, Flickr Creative Commons.

Go tapas hopping

This is another way to make your money go further, as you’ll avoid paying the add-ons of a sit down meal, ‘ir de tapas’ (go tapas hopping) enables you to experience as many different local establishments and delicacies as possible.

Spanish tapas Double-Barrelled Travel

Spanish tapas.
Photo by Adam Wyles, Flickr Creative Commons.

So, even though the coastline’s clear blue seas and golden sands provide enough pleasure for most tourists visiting Majorca, knowing a few insider hints and tips will ensure you have an even better time.

Have you been to Majorca? Do you have any tips to add?



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