Gorgeous Greece: Good to go

Dave and I went to Greece in 2009 and had a wonderful time in both Athens and Santorini. The history of the country is unlike any other and the natural beauty is astounding.

This guest post tells you more… and shows you why you should put Greece on your travel list for 2014.

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While Greece has suffered some rather dramatic economic blows in recent years, the country’s famed beauty, ancient history and world-class hospitality remains intact for all who venture there. The negative attention in the press has the potential to deter holidaymakers, but today’s travellers can rest assured that Greece holidays remain some of the world’s very best.

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The tourism industry (which makes up about 20% of Greece’s GDP) remains a cornerstone of Greece’s economy. If the industry has changed in any way, visitors can expect to be even more welcome than before as vendors and tour operators are working harder and harder to maintain their livelihoods.

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The bright side of the economic downturn in this small nation is that prices have come down in the last two years making this once-expensive destination relatively reasonable for all types of holidaymakers. Greece holidays are now competitive in price alongside popular European destinations like Spain and Turkey, and there are plenty of ‘secret’ attractions still to be found, such as the islands of Chios and Lipsi.

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While many travellers might remain wary of delays or strikes, these actions largely avoid the primary travel season as everyone understands the important role that tourism plays in the Greek economy. For package travellers, encountering problems is quite unlikely to begin with and independent travellers can easily avoid such disruptions simply by keeping a flexible schedule while travelling in-country.

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For travellers who always wanted to sail through the Aegean, watch the sunrise over the Acropolis or sun themselves on the whitewashed walls of Santorini, there has never been a better (or more affordable time) to experience Greek tourism in all its glory. With increased attention to guests and operators willing to go above and beyond for all who venture there, Greece holidays are sure to be both elegant and economical.

Greek Church white Double-Barrelled Travel

It’s always a good idea to check local travel advisories and message boards before booking anything, but remember to balance the government information with first-hand accounts from fellow travellers. More often than not the best reviews and tips come from people who have experienced specific hotels, restaurants, islands and attractions first hand.

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