Strutting our stuff with Flytographer


“Excuse me, would you mind taking a photo of us?”

“You gave me a double chin! Hold the camera higher!”

“Your eyes were shut, again!”

These are just some of the common requests and complaints that Carmen and I encounter as we travel around and photograph some of the results.

When it comes to taking them, I’m more of an auto settings, point and click kind of guy, while Carmen loves to go manual and fiddle around with the iris, the f-stops and the focus ring.

Carmen and I sometimes go different ways...

Carmen and I sometimes go different ways…

We take some great shots, usually thanks to our very nice Canon camera and a lot of happenstance that places us in some perfect spots. But more and more, I reckon we’re improving, picking up lots of tips from fellow travellers and photographers and just having fun playing around, the best way to learn.

The only complaint we have about our travel photos is that it’s hard to get good pictures of us together. Sure, we can do a selfie (my long arms come in handy there), get a stranger to snap a shot of us or set the camera up for a timer picture, but the results are usually a bit naff.

Flytographer Carmen and Dave Double-Barrelled travel

Photos with Flytographer

Flytographer Carmen and Dave dancingDouble-Barrelled travel

Photos with Flytographer

Getting a pro photographer to take our picture

So most of our photos from our nearly 3-year long odyssey (so far!) are a mix of landscapes and portraits of either one of us. It seemed to us that there was no way really to fix that – selfie sticks are a bit silly and it gets tedious asking people to take photos of us together all the time (the results are usually pretty dodgy looking!).

The solution, clearly, is to hire a professional photographer to follow us around while we travel and snap high quality pictures of our adventures. Sounds a bit far fetched, right? Well, to our surprise, not only is this actually a thing, it’s actually an incredibly popular thing that’s taking off all over the world.

During our Flytographer shoot these Japanese tourists thought we were celebrities!

During our Flytographer shoot these Japanese tourists thought we were celebrities!

And when Carmen and I went to Singapore recently for the last leg of our latest overseas jaunt, we had the chance to try out the services of Flytographer, a company that will set you and whoever you’d like to be photographed next to with a professional snapper. It can be for a holiday, a wedding proposal, an anniversary, whatever you like – a special day (or days) that you’d like captured in crystal clear focus by a pro.Flytographer Carmen and Dave love Double-Barrelled travel

A special day by Singapore’s bay

We met our photographer, Brandon, by the historic Cavanagh Bridge near the city’s CBD and discussed what kinds of photos we’d like taken of us. Our main idea was to have a set of portraits and natural shots taken that we could use for our blog and its new focus on storytelling and journalism. So a bit of fun mixed with serious – not too serious though!Dave portrait Double-Barrelled travel Flytographer Flytographer Carmen and Dave portrait Double-Barrelled travel

We started by buying an ice cream from a vendor, who sold blocks of vanilla and chocolate that you could slab between two pieces of green dyed bread (the local way) or wedge between some waffle biscuits. I went for the waffles, and scoffed it down while Carmen harangued me about my poor eating habits and Brandon snapped away, capturing the chaos.

Singapore's skyline is amazing

Singapore’s skyline is amazing

That was the warm up. We walked along the beautiful promenade area and between the old iron bridges, reading a map, pretending to be lost, went down to Marina Bay and got flash mobbed by some Japanese tourists, climbed to the top of the library and took our final shots with the skyline rippling above us.

Brandon was a great photographer to work with who gave us lots of encouragement and made us feel very comfortable in front of the lens. And the results? Well, you’ve been looking at them!

Have you ever had a professional photo shoot? What was it like?

Brandon, the Flytographer behind the lens!

Brandon, the Flytographer behind the lens!

What you need to know

Cost – Shoots with Flytographer start at US$250

Booking – Check out Flytographer’s website here.

Locations – Flytographer can arrange shoots in 160 cities and locations world wide, from the Amalfi Coast in Italy to Yangon in Myanmar.

Special thanks to Flytographer for providing our photo shoot – the pics came up a treat! As always, our opinions are our own. 

All the photos are credited to Brandon in Singapore for Flytographer.

Just hanging out, looking smart casual...

Just hanging out, looking smart casual…


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