Our favourite caravan products

We’ve been living in our caravan for more than a few months now, and have come to realise there are a few caravan products that have made our lives much easier.

We want to share these with you in case you are planning to set off on a road trip. There are quite a few caravan accessories that are super helpful if you are caravanning with kids too!

Our favourite caravan products

iPad holder for the car

At first we were letting Ruby hold the iPad while we drove but this was a massive pain when she kept pressing buttons and exiting the show by mistake.

Now we use this handy iPad holder and it has been an absolute lifesaver of my sanity.

Not only can she watch comfortably while in her seat, but she can’t change the video – only we can. A win-win situation.

Even though we have this in the car, we only use it for trips longer than two hours, because we’re really trying to limit Ruby’s screen time. We call it ‘scream time’ as the more often Ruby watches TV or the iPad, the grumpier she gets!

ipad car holder Double-Barrelled Travel

iPad car holder

Portable washing machine

When we first set off on this trip, we ummed and ahhed about getting a washing machine. We have since purchased a portable one online and it is the BEST THING EVER. We were shocked to find we were spending over $100 a month on caravan laundry mats, so this is saving us a chunk of money.

I had misgivings about whether it would wash well, seeing as we would only ever be using cold water, but it washes surprisingly well.

It also doesn’t take long at all to do a load, with a 15-minute wash cycle and 5 minute spin.

Portable washing machine Double-Barrelled Travel

Our portable washing machine

Pegless clothesline

We’ve had heaps of other caravanners comment on our pegless clothesline and it’s easy to see why it’s one of our favourite caravan products.

You can string up the line anywhere – we normally attach it to our awning – and hang your washing quickly without having to hunt for pegs.

I got so sick of losing pegs everywhere we went that I’ve found this pegless clothesline so useful. Best of all, it’s really easy to get your clothes off the washing line – you simply pull the first item from right to left and all the clothes come down in your hand!

Pegless clothesline Double-Barrelled Travel

Our pegless clothesline – the clothes slot into the gaps

Portable high chairs

We have two different high chairs we use for Ruby while on the road. The first is similar to a camping chair, and it packs down really easily. We use this chair whenever we eat at the table outside.

The second chair is a little seat that goes on top of existing chairs. We place this on top of a messy mat on the caravan lounge chair. By shoving it into the corner of the chair, it remains sturdy, and Ruby can eat at the table with us.

It’s also really convenient when we go to other places – like our current housesit – as we can simply transfer it to an indoor chair.

Both the high chairs are handy caravan products for kids.

Caravan products high chair

The portable high chair that sits on existing chairs

Camping chairs

We took awhile to find our perfect camping chairs, as we tried our numerous ones, but we’re really happy with the ones we’ve purchased.

They are super lightweight, which was important to us, and simple to fold and pack away.

Best of all, they came with this nifty side table, which is very practical when you’re stopping for a quick lunch on the side of the road and can’t be bothered taking out the table. Or for when you’re enjoying sundowners with some other caravanning friends!

Foldaway dish drying rack

When we first started caravanning, we were leaving our dishes around the sink to dry when we did the washing up. Unfortunately, this meant water would sometimes leak onto our stove and we were worried about it causing damage.

Then I discovered this handy drying rack with a drying mat which absorbs the water. It’s easy to fold away and convenient to use – and now one of our favourite caravan products. You do need to wash it regularly, however, because it can get mouldy otherwise!

Beach cart Coonawarra Double-Barrelled Travel

Dave and my dad pulling Ruby in the beach cart

Collapsible beach cart

My mum bought us this beach cart for Christmas and we’ve used it multiple times – and not just at the beach. However, the wheels are really thick – so it does work when you drag it through sand at the beach.

But we use it simply to transport Ruby in sometimes, or to carry our washing from one end of the caravan park to another.

When we were in the Coonawarra wine region in South Australia recently, we used the cart to help transport Ruby (and all the wine we bought!) as we walked from one winery to another.

Beach cart caravan products Double-Barrelled Travel

Our collapsible beach cart

Electric frypan

We were gifted this electric frypan from the previous owners of the caravan. At first we thought maybe it wasn’t practical – because why would they give it away for free? – but we’ve actually used it loads and find it really handy!

It’s great for cooking outdoors quickly, especially with foods you don’t want to smell out the caravan, such as onions.

Yes, we do need to be at a powered site, but it’s so easy to simply plug it in on the outside power point and cook up some fish or a quick stir fry.

Electric frypan Double-Barrelled Travel

Our electric frypan

Collapsible kettle

I was quite pleased when I came across this collapsible kettle, as the last thing we needed was another bulky appliance taking up room in our van.

The kettle can boil enough for four cups of tea – which I tested rigorously when my parents were visiting – and we simply boil it over our gas stove.

Caravan products kettle Double-Barrelled Travel

Our collapsible kettle

Caravan accessories collapsible kettle

The kettle when folded

Car snack container

My mum put this car snack container in Ruby’s stocking at Christmas time and we’ve used it for numerous road trips.

It limits how quickly she demolishes her food and also minimises the mess of bits of food spilling everywhere in the car seat.

Compartmentalised lunchbox

We love a good bento lunchbox and it has made me love packing Ruby’s lunches each day. I normally bake something each week (preferably a healthy snack!) and it goes into one of the compartments.

Then I normally add fruit, raisins, nuts and perhaps some crackers into the other compartments.

Even if I don’t give Ruby the whole lunchbox at once, it’s very handy for compartmentalising all the snack but keeping them altogether.

And there you have it – some of our best caravan accessories. Do you use any of them? Which ones are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

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