Why family travel doesn’t have to look the way you think

Are you a little tired of having the same kinds of family travel experiences over and over again? They may not exactly be the same kind, but you may find that it always looks and feels the same, just in a different location. When that’s the case, it might be a sign that you really need to shake things up.

And that really doesn’t have to be a difficult thing. Yes, you may have in your mind how family travel might look to society, but if you want it to look entirely different, it can. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how.

What does family travel look like to you?

So for starters, why not think about how it looks and feels to you? Does it tend to be a resort-style hotel with kids’ activities in a hot climate somewhere that’s labeled ‘for kids’?

If that’s the case, you’re not alone. But if this doesn’t feel fulfilling for you, it’s not your only option.Photo of a family hiking in a green meadow

What we expect

When we start to think about other travel choices, such as city breaks, luxury islands, or adventure travel, it can be easy to think that you just can’t take kids there.

And maybe you can’t – but that has to be based on your judgement and not societal expectations. You know your kids best and if you know that they’d love different experiences, you can give them to them too.

Pushing boundaries

Now what if we were to flip that? You can tell from our site that we love to travel and explore the world in our own ways, so of course you get to push the boundaries of what travel really looks like to you. It could be that you want to take a month off and explore Europe? Or maybe you want to do the Rovos Rail Cape Town to Pretoria?

You don’t have to choose family-friendly labeled activities all of the time, as long as you know what works for your family’s lifestyle and routine, you can shake up how that looks.

Luxury travel

Maybe you’re dying to go on more luxury breaks, but you’re worried that they aren’t child-friendly. When that’s the case, you just have to ask.

Look on their website and check with their concierge. You’d be surprised by how many places are accommodating, which means you can still enjoy the standard of travel you want without having to change your lifestyle after kids.

Seeing the world with new eyes

And finally, it’s hard not to recognise that when you travel in this way, you get to see the whole world through new eyes – and that can be exactly what you need at times.

It’s not always about heading to a resort or going somewhere that’s trending and looks good. Sometimes, you want to travel the world your own way – and that’s okay too. Just make sure that you’re making your travel experiences your own and you’ll be able to make it feel so much more rewarding.



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