Esperance: Just another day in paradise

Aussies have really got it good. We have some of the best beaches and if you want to explore a little more than the generic Australian city like Melbourne or Sydney, consider visiting the small town of Esperance.

What’s so good about this spot on the map featuring 12,000 people, you ask? Oh nothing you know, it’s just another day in pure paradise. You have to see it to believe it.

Lucky Bay Esperance Carmen Double-Barrelled Travel

Another Insta hotspot – Lucky Bay in Esperance

Laying your hat

Once you arrive you’ll want a place to stay. Skip the grand hotels swarming with people and instead check out the holiday accommodation in Esperance, selecting a unit you’d like. Right on the shorefront, you’ll have the Heritage Chalet which gives you one of the best front gardens in the world. You also have the cabins which afford you a little more privacy and some room for yourself if you’re travelling in a caravan. The holiday units also have the best decor and features, for those wanting a longer stay.

Lucky Bay Esperance Double-Barrelled Travel

Who wouldn’t want to live near a beach like this?

Pink lake swimming

Yes, you read that correctly; a pink lake. Spencer Lake was its former name but now its official name is Pink Lake. It’s a salt lake that has changed colour due to a reaction to the algae in the water. It’s harmless and you can swim in it. In fact, on hot days the water becomes a darker shade of pink so you can enjoy a late evening swim in a surreal lake.

Here you can have barbecues if you’re following the laws of no littering and discarding rubbish into the water. It’s easily one of the most memorable moments you’ll have while in Australia. The best part is, it’s under 5 kilometres, or a seven-minute drive away from Esperance.

Pink Lake

A taste of paradise

Australia is known for its barbies. But if you want to try something different, head to a seafood restaurant that knows how to sear the best catches of the day. The Fish Face Restaurant is a stand out restaurant in town. Here they do all kinds of seafood, such as oysters, crab, octopus, and classic fish and chips.

Esperance is a hot and sweaty in paradise, after dinner opt for a bowl of scrumptious ice cream at Aurelia’s Ice Creamery and Cafe. Delight in spoonfuls of their classic sundae, or scoops of your favourite flavour heaped onto a crunchy wafer cone.

Esperance is a little known town in the south-west of Australia. It doesn’t need to shout about its name or lure you in with big fancy hotels. It simply offers you another day in blissful paradise.

Hellfire Bay Esperance Double-Barrelled Travel

An Insta-worthy beach – Hellfire Bay at Esperance’s Cape Le Grand

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