Why you shouldn’t self-host your own video

You click on a video self-hosted on a website and it…




Doesn’t work.

Spends five minutes buffering and juddering and annoying you so much you click to another website.

We see this all the time and it drives us nuts. Why?

Like we’ve said before, video is king. Companies are using video more and more to tell their story, show off of their skills and attract customers. If you want to be taken seriously then having a video on your website is key.

But if the video doesn’t work, then it’s a waste of effort.

Sometimes the problem is on the user’s end. Maybe their computer is an older model that doesn’t handle video well. Perhaps their internet connection is too slow to run the video smoothly.

More often that not, the problem is on your end. Because you’ve decided to self-host your video.

Video takes a decent whack of power to run smoothly, especially if you want it to display in the higher resolution and frame rates offered by HD. The video programme displaying the content must be powerful. But if it’s not working properly, maybe it was designed for earlier versions of the current web browsers or maybe it’s just too slow.

Whatever the reason, it needs to be fixed or that video you spent time and energy producing is playing to an empty theatre – stuck on pause.

Sure, you can spend more money and get the video player on your website beefed up.

Or just sign up to YouTube. We have. Youtube logo

YouTube is free to use for basic uploading and you can create your own business channel with branding. There’s even services for placing advertising on your videos or advertising generally.

The best thing with YouTube is that it works. Every time. Once it’s uploaded your video becomes part of YouTube’s immense data processing pool and when your customers click on the video link the images will play. There is a choice of quality rates between 144p and 1080p – the highest HD setting.

72 hours of footage are uploaded to YouTuve every minute. In 2011 it had over a trillion views world wide.

If you want people to watch your videos, upload them to YouTube and embed them on your website. It’s the quick and easy solution that also happens to be one of the best.

We’re not associated in any way with YouTube aside from being a user. We just think it’s the best way to get started in video. There is always the option of getting a state of the art video embed made for your website. But the important thing is to get started and do it right.

We use YouTube for all of the videos we upload to our travel blog. Check out the videos on our YouTube channel and see what you think.

Double-Barrelled Travel YouTube

See how we do it


Is Vimeo better than YouTube though?

Vimeo is the other online video top dog service, and we have to admit it’s like a shinier version of YouTube.

Vimeo has a much smaller audience, but it’s more of a targeted professional audience rather than your every day Joe. What does this mean? For starters, you’ll receive more constructive criticism underneath your videos than the dribble that people written by commenters on Facebook.

The layout of Vimeo is also cleaner than YouTube, without any annoying ads popping up and getting in the viewer’s way.


But obviously if you’re planning to make an income from the ads surrounding your video then Vimeo certainly isn’t the answer.

One other benefit of Vimeo that YouTube doesn’t have is that you can privately share videos. All you have to do is send your work colleague the password to access the video and they can watch it.

With YouTube, in order for a colleague to see your video they would have to log in to your account, and this isn’t great in a work environment.

What do you use? Vimeo or YouTube?

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