What you can expect to see when discovering Alaska

Dave and I have never been to Alaska but it’s certainly a place we would love to experience. This guest post from Nikolai Rudenko shows exactly why Alaska would be a great destination to visit.

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If you’re looking for a cruise holiday that’s a bit different from the norm, why not try cruises in Alaska? A trip to this wintery wonderland is far and away one of the most exciting and visually stunning holiday experiences you could ever imagine, and because you’re on a cruise, you’ll get to see plenty of sights as part of your voyage.

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Many cruises give you the chance to see the fantastic Hubbard Glacier. At over six miles wide and thought to be around 400 years old, this vast island of ice is a truly spectacular sight and you’ll get a superb view from the ship’s deck.

Another spectacular sight is the Northern Lights. If you decide to go on your cruise between September and April you might be lucky enough to see the beautiful colours of the Northern Lights brighten up the sky.

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If you are into photography, Alaska is a photographer’s haven as there are vast opportunities to take photos of vast and abundant Alaskan wildlife. In the sea and on the ice you can find polar bears and orcas and on land you can find moose and mountain goats.

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Other key sights that regularly form part of cruises in Alaska include a trip to the city of Juneau, where you can embark on all sorts of adventures from dog-sledding and helicopter excursions to nature walks. Alaska is a brilliant place to hike because of its spectacular glaciers and impressive mountains. Or if you’re looking for a spot of unique shopping, you could choose to browse the local shops and pick up some souvenirs for the folks back home.

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Skagway is a regular port of call and it’s a bit like stepping back in time, with its rich heritage and old saloon bars, while Vancouver – a typical point of embarkation – is a contemporary Canadian city with spectacular scenery. Why not book a cruise-and-stay holiday and enjoy a few days in Vancouver after your cruise? You could go whale-watching, walking, visit the beautiful Vancouver Island, or head to Whistler, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, and do a spot of skiing at this world famous ski location.

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There are lots of different Alaskan cruises to choose from, and plenty of cruise operators that can take you there. With all that choice, one of the best ways to whittle down the options is to use a travel agent like Cruise Thomas Cook. Although they don’t operate their own ships, with Cruise Thomas Cook you can search for Alaskan cruises from all the major tour operators and compare itineraries to help you find the best one for you. You can also filter the results by price and other key factors like sailing dates, duration and ports of call.

Head to Thomas Cook to find out more and to kick-start your Alaskan adventures today.

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