Bucket list dining experiences in Australia

Australia is famous for many things, including its unique wildlife, beautiful coastlines, and amazing landmarks. If you’re looking for some very special dining experiences in Australia, you should have this vast country fixed firmly in your sights for your dining bucket list. Here are a few of the highlights you might want to consider. 

Bucket list dining experiences in Australia:

1. Take a food and wine tour through the Yarra Valley

Less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the beautiful region of the Yarra Valley is famous for its vineyards, wineries and fine dining experiences. It’s the oldest wine region in Victoria, and dates back to 1838.

With private wine and cheese tasting sessions, and the opportunity to take in the fantastic valley scenery while you’re eating and drinking, put one of the Yarra Valley wine tours for your bucket list. You will learn more about the wine and cheesemaking process and get to experience local flavours that are quite unlike anything you will have tasted before. wineglass-553467_1280

2. Eat at Attica

Attica is one of Melbourne’s most celebrated restaurants, largely thanks to the work of Ben Shewry, lauded as one of the best chefs in Australia.

The restaurant specialises in the Australian indigenous foods, and will provide your palate with something completely different from the foods you will be used to if you are a visitor to the country.

Emu liver parfait, crocodile ribs, witchetty grubs, and black ants dessert, are just some of the unusual offerings you will find on the menu.

While you might be a little cautious when it comes to trying something new, you should still give the foods a go because there is a reason why Attica always makes the top-50 lists of places to eat in Australia. That reason is, of course, that the food tastes amazing!

Check out this review of Attica to learn more.dining experiences in Australia

3. Eat with complete strangers

Of course, if you’re travelling alone, you might find yourself eating with strangers anyway. But regardless of your travel status, you should still check out the Stranger Danger Dinners in Perth.

These are invite-only events, so you will need to contact Sam Smith, the event’s organiser, if you want to attend.

Hopefully, you and up to seven other strangers will be selected to eat together at one of the pop-up restaurants in Perth, and you will get to spend time with complete unknowns.

Will you get on with them? Will you have things in common? Or will you hate each other on sight and hope to never see each other again?

Who knows, but one thing is for certain, this is an original way to spend an evening out if you’re planning on visiting Perth. You can learn more here if you are interested in attending. sharing-food-3184177

4. Take a ride on The Indian Pacific

Crossing the breadth of Australia’s vast continent, you will be taken on a luxury train ride through the bushlands, mining towns, arid plains and vast mountain ranges of the country while travelling on The Indian Pacific.

As a bucket list experience in its own right, this is something you should certainly consider if you can’t face the long drive around Australia.

It’s also worth considering for your dining bucket list, as you can settle down for dinner in one of the restaurant cars and tuck into some of the greatest gourmet foods and drinks from Australia’s famed food and wine regions.

From grilled kangaroo fillets to saltwater barramundi, there is much to fill your appetite. Relax and enjoy eating and drinking while you whizz past the fabulous scenery.

Check the following link to find out more about the dining experiences found on the Indian Pacific train. cooked-dish-on-ceramic-plates-2122294

5. Enjoy dinner in the sky

Are you worried that you will never get to explore every facet of the towns and cities you visit in Australia?

If so, why not take everything in from up above, and enjoy a high-flying experience while suspended in the air with a Dinner In The Sky experience.

The lunch and dinner menus are all crafted with the various culinary scenes that Australia is famed for, and you will be able to take in the vast cityscapes while you’re enjoying this rather unique dining experience.

Of course, you will need to have a head for heights, as we would hate to be one of the people below you if your stomach took a funny turn!

These are just a few of the bucket list dining experiences that can be found in Australia, so if they appeal to you, add them to your itinerary if you’re travelling downunder.

Have you been to Australia? Where was your favourite place to eat? 



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