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Beautiful Chichester walks

If you are looking for somewhere fun to visit in the UK this year or next year, consider the Chichester walks – there are so many great trails to choose from. Chichester is one of the most popular tourist cities in the UK. A lot of people make the most of campervan hire and take […]

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The many wonders of the UK – outside of London

This week’s guest post comes from budding blogger Laura Bowery, who enjoys writing about the best things in life, taking photos and experiencing as much of the world as possible. In this post she shares her favourite 6 wonders of the UK. As someone who has lived up and down the British Isles, I’ve seen my fair share of […]

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5 tips for cheap UK travel

It is actually surprisingly easy to travel around the UK on the cheap – you just have to know where to look. If you book a high-speed train at the last-minute, chances are you’ll be paying a fairly extortionate price. But if you can be flexible and are open to taking the slower travel options, […]

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Must-see places in Scotland

We’ve only been to Scotland a couple of times, which is quite shameful when you consider that we lived in London for nearly five years! We really enjoyed our visits though… and when you read this guest post you’ll find out exactly why. Scotland, a favourite of many wildlife photographers, artists and historians, is one […]

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Manchester with children

We unfortunately never made it to Manchester when we lived in the UK – although it was certainly a place we’d hoped to go. How could you not want to go to the city where The Beatles played their very first ‘proper and professional’ gig back in 1962? But Manchester isn’t just for adults who […]

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