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5 travel writing tips for writing amazing articles

Whether you are new to writing or you want to improve your writing skills, this article should be helpful. Although it is short, it introduces some of the basic building blocks for writing amazing travel articles. Think of these as starting points for further exploration of the writing craft.  Smashing storyline  If you want to […]

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top 5 most inspiring books Double-Barrelled Travel

My top 5 most inspiring books

Inspiration is for amateurs. The great writer Somerset Maugham once said something to the tune of “I write only when inspiration strikes… fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.” As much as I try to ape old mechanical Maugham, I’m still very much an amateur and need inspiration to get kick me along, […]

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Is your blog share worthy?

You’ve spent a good portion of your day researching and writing up what you believe is the perfect blog post. You publish it, share it on your regular social media channels and wait. Surely this is going to get picked up by your audience and passed along in no time. But nothing happens. Sound familiar? […]

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