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Review: The Marriott Hotel Manila

Overshadowed by its Southeast Asian neighbors such as Thailand or Singapore in the past, the Philippines is slowly becoming a hotbed for tourists. Its capital, Manila, has received a stylish upgrade with its new towering skyscrapers and sophisticated malls that have been drawing in visitors from all across the globe. Of course, this means that […]

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Private pool Club Villas Seminyak Double-Barrelled Travel

Review: The Club Villas Seminyak

Words by Dave. Video by Carmen. “Get down!” I whisper harshly, ducking down behind the beachside bar. “Has she seen us?” “I don’t think so,” Carmen says, sneaking a quick look above the polished counter, ignoring the curious glances of patrons sipping their afternoon cocktails. “They’re all heading for the beach now. They’re going swimming.” […]

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