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Why is long-distance relocation so stressful?

Most people love the idea of long-distance travel. The world is your oyster, and there’s so much to see and discover. As such, enthusiastic travellers have soon come to realise there is more to the world than their neighbouring countries. Discovering a place you’ve never seen before is not worrying at all. On the contrary, […]

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Rock-solid reasons to move abroad

It’s the goal for most people to travel and even move abroad in life. There are far-flung places to explore, beaches to sunbathe on and food to eat from many different places that serve taste on a plate. The problem with traveling? You fall in love with it. You spend more time daydreaming about being […]

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Ruby Esperance Double-Barrelled Travel

Instagram on Esperance beaches

‘Excuse me. We are trying to take a photo here.’ The bikini-clad model’s face purses into a scowl as she points at my daughter while she tries to Instagram Esperance. Ruby is making mischief at Esperance’s Twilight Beach, stopping the model’s photographer/boyfriend from capturing #beachbliss. ‘You’ll just have to wait,’ I say, and try to […]

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Our favourite cafes in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has a café scene to rival France and Italy. In fact, the cafes in Chiang Mai possibly make up the biggest cafe scene I’ve ever come across in my life. You can’t walk 100m without stumbling across a coffee shop. There seems to be a new one opening every week, offering delicious cakes and […]

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