Canadian craft beer tour – JustFly’s three brewery stop for beer lovers

The invasion of craft beer is well underway. With more and more people exploring their beer options, the golden standards of brewing are beginning to raise the bar. More beer drinkers in Canada are testing different tastes and breaking the mould from traditional beers, moving on to drinking more refined Canadian craft beer.

The craft beer scene is huge in the country, where regulations are easing around the sale and distribution of beer. Most recently, the province of Ontario introduced a law allowing beer to be sold in grocery stores.

Drinking butterbeer and pumpkin juice at Disneyworld Double-Barrelled Travel

Drinking butter beer at Universal Studios – not quite Canadian craft beer

Canadian craft beers are also getting more shelf space at Ontario’s two government run storefronts, the LCBO and Beer Store.

Toronto's skyline reflects far out onto Lake Ontario

Toronto – where lots of tasty beer can be found

Creemore Springs

First stop, Creemore, Ontario. This tiny town located on the Georgian Bay may seem unassuming, but at its heart is a thriving brewery that has been in operation since 1987.

Creemore Springs’ big selling point is its ingredients, including the most vital, water. Creemore Springs water is locally sourced spring water that is hauled in daily.

Brewed in small batches, each water tanker equals one yield, meaning the operation is truly dependant on its local and unique water supply.

Creemore is located about an hour and a half northwest of Toronto. While you’re in the neighbourhood, check out Wasaga Beach too. One of Ontario’s premier beaches, the area is a hive of activity for cottage-goers and locals alike.

Canadian craft beer Creemore Springs Double-Barrelled Travel

Creemore Springs’ brewery

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

Next stop is Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company. Located roughly halfway between Canada’s capital of Ottawa and Montreal, Quebec, Beau’s calls Vankleek Hill home.

A relatively new brewery, founded in 2006, its beers are exclusively available in Eastern Ontario, Quebec, and New York State due to its shorter shelf life.

A family operation, Beau’s is 100% independent and only brews using 100% organic and local ingredients. Their Lug Tread beer is very popular in Ontario, with more and more bars hopping on the Beau’s bandwagon.

Their brewery is a great visit according to JustFly’s review, with the agency also recommending the company’s annual Octoberfest.

Canadian craft beer Beau's All Natural beer Double-Barrelled Travel

Beau’s All Natural beer

McAuslan Brewing

Last stop on JustFly’s tour is the McAuslan Brewery in Montreal, Quebec. Having been around since 1989, McAuslan beers, often under the name of St Ambroise, are found in almost every bar in Quebec.

While the brewery only offers tours on Wednesdays, the best way to enjoy one of their brews is to come in summer when the brewery opens up their back terrace overlooking the Lachine Canal. It is best accessed by the Lachine Canal bike path in the Saint Henri neighbourhood of Montreal.

And there you have it – a rundown of some of the best breweries selling Canadian craft beer.

Where’s your favourite brewery? Is it one selling Canadian craft beer?



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