Bonnie Scotland: Top 5 Edinburgh attractions

You’d be hard pressed to find a city quite as beautiful as Edinburgh. From its cobbled streets to its beautiful architecture, you can easily lose yourself in the Scottish capital whilst admiring this picturesque city.

Thousands of people flock to Edinburgh every year to appreciate what it has to offer. From the vibrant culture, including the Fringe Festival and the Military Tattoo, to the history and heritage of the city, you can guarantee you’ll find plenty of things to fill your itinerary. Edinburgh is one of those cities that’ll make sure you head back home feeling both enriched and uplifted.

Arthur's Seat Double-Barrelled Travel

Edinburgh is beautiful to explore, both it’s buildings and its scenery. This is Arthur’s Seat.

Click here to check the Travelodge website, where you will find some incredible deals ensuring your stay in the capital that won’t break the bank. Centrally located, your hotel will be a perfect base to explore the city and as it covers a fairly small surface area, you will be able to appreciate your surroundings with ease.

The quality of the attractions in Edinburgh is one of the reasons why people love visiting the city, but there are definitely some things that should be placed at the top of your to-do list once you’ve unpacked your bags and settled in.

Edinburgh Castle

You can’t really miss this fortification as it towers over the city. This vast monument of Edinburgh’s history is home to the Scottish Crown Jewels while the military history within its walls is impressive, to say the least.

Wander the castle, absorbing the history within before capturing a snapshot of this stunning landmark after nightfall, when its majestic beauty is lit up for all to see.

Edinburgh Castle Double-Barrelled Travel

You can’t go to Edinburgh without visiting Edinburgh Castle, which towers over the town

Arthur’s Seat

The climb to the top of this hill may not be possible for those who are less able-bodied, but if you have the stamina to withstand the hike, it should be done because the views are unrivalled.

Starting in the city, the hike takes you through Holyrood Park before reaching the top of this extinct volcano. Don’t forget your camera – you’ll need to it for capturing the incredible panoramic vistas.

Arthur's Seat Double-Barrelled Travel

Climbing to the top of Arthur’s Seat will give you a great view over Edinburgh

The National Gallery of Scotland

This free attraction would be ideal to while away an afternoon in the capital. From Italian Renaissance to post-impressionism, the art displayed is magnificently beautiful. Some of the most famous artists of all time can be found in the gallery, including Raphael, Renoir and Vincent Van Gogh.

National Gallery Edinburgh Double-Barrelled Travel

The National Gallery in Edinburgh features beautiful art works

Ghost Tours

Perfect for those who fancy a taste of the macabre, Edinburgh ghost tours are notorious for being eerie. Venture through the city’s cobbled streets and creepy lanes, whilst Edinburgh’s morbid history is relayed to you.

There are plenty of tours available in the city, but the Auld Reekie tour comes highly recommended by previous visitors to the capital.

Ghost tour Edinburgh Double-barrelled Travel

A ghost tour is a great way to explore Edinburgh but be warned – they’re quite creepy!

Our Dynamic Earth

Perfect if you’re travelling with children, Our Dynamic Earth is a museum like no other. Its interactive nature means you can get stuck into the action while being transported through climates, solar systems and landscapes.

Our Dynamic Earth Edinburgh Double-Barrelled Travel

If you’re travelling with family, Our Dynamic Earth will keep the kids entertained

Take a trip to Edinburgh this summer and spend a couple of days appreciating what it has to offer – you won’t be disappointed.

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