The benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast

Dave and I have stayed at many bed and breakfasts in the past, especially in the UK, and loved the experience. This post from Alice talks about just why bed and breakfasts make for comfortable and convenient accommodation.

Despite bed and breakfasts being smaller than the usual hotels, they are often unique and make you feel more like you’re at home. Most bed and breakfast accommodations are operated by ordinary local people whose objective is to preserve an old residence. They are very amiable and will be there to greet you at the door upon your arrival. What gives it the personal touch over a hotel is that the owners will often cook and serve you breakfast in the morning before recommending you to the most beautiful attractions in their area.

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Many people are unsure just how many bed and breakfasts operate where their holidaying and some travellers don’t even consider it as accommodation. But with your itinerary as the primary concern, it is often easier to stay at a bed and breakfast because the host already knows the area so well and can help guide you so you don’t get lost at your destination.

Bed and breakfast accommodation is comfortable and cosy as the rooms are set up just like a room in your own house. If you are planning a trip either with friends or family, take note of these benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast and perhaps in the future you’ll choose them over more expensive hotel accommodation.

How to find good bed and breakfast accommodation

If you want to find good bed and breakfast options try online booking services such as Hotelscan. On this website you can see the best prices, read visitor reviews and compare bed and breakfast conditions. People are honest and will comment if they did or didn’t enjoy their stay.

Why stay at a bed and breakfast?

1. Breakfast is included.

Breakfast is normally homemade and delicious – something that isn’t guaranteed when staying at a hotel. Most breakfast meals include bread and butter, coffee, tea or hot chocolate, donuts and eggs. What makes it even better is that you won’t have to pay for the mouth watering breakfast because it is already included in the nightly rate. The more you enjoy, the more you save!

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2. Good customer service.

Owned by local proprietors, hosts at bed and breakfasts are more hands-on and keep an eye on their guests as to ensure their safety, convenience and comfort. Hotel staff can sometimes be unattentive and are less concerned about your needs and service satisfaction because they are not the owners of the business.

Bedroom at a bed and breakfast Double-Barrelled Travel

3. You are nearer to attractions.

Another advantage of staying in B&B is that you are likely to be nearer to the tourist spots as most bed and breakfast are situated in local residential areas. Surrounding the bed and breakfast you can often take good photographs of local life – scenery that doesn’t normally surround traditional hotels.

Beautiful bed and breakfast Double-Barrelled Travel

4. You can meet other explorers.

Staying in a B&B will most likely lead you to meeting other travellers who, also like you, are keen to explore the local area. Since the environment at a bed and breakfast is homelike, people feel comfortable and you’ll often chat to other guests over breakfast and perhaps even end up exploring together.

5.  You get more privacy at a bed and breakfast.

Staying in a hotel often means sharing a building with a lot of other people and hotel can often have many function rooms in use for different events. There might be bars, business conference rooms, celebrations and many other occasions allowing different people to come in and out of the hotel. It can sometimes be difficult to get a little peace and quiet.

Beautiful front door at a bed and breakfast Double-Barrelled Travel

With a bed and breakfast you can enjoy your privacy because you will not just have a room for yourself alone but often a living room, a sun room and a dining room. This makes staying in a bed and breakfast more convenient and advantageous.

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