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Photo of a trendy man standing near a wall looking out at the view

How to look well dressed when travelling

So, you’ve got the itch to jet-set, but dread looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards post-flight? You’ll be happy to know that it is not an inevitability! It is perfectly possible to travel on a plane or train, even for many hours at a time, and still emerge looking fresh as a […]

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Photo of a man's hand holding a small globe with mountains as a backdrop

Why solo travel is a great idea

Getting away from it all… what does that mean to you? Does it mean taking some time off work? Perhaps going away with friends and family? Or does it mean really getting away from it all, including everyone and everything?  It might sound scary, but there are actually a number of great reasons why solo […]

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hot air balloons over gold coast

If you’ve already visited the dinosaur trail in Queensland and want something different, there’s plenty more to enjoy and explore, especially if you’re tired of topping up your tan on the beach or splashing around in the ocean. As one of the most happening places in all of Australia, people of all ages and interests […]

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